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Mary Ann Hepworth married Charles L. Albertson

Charles L. Albertson and Mary Ann Hepworth
Mary Ann was the third child of Thomas and Mary Hepworth
Picture states Anamosa, Iowa
Children are unidentified
The history I have on Mary Ann and Charles Albertson does not give the author.  It is typed written and is four pages long with the fourth page missing.   
Charles parents are Henry Albertson and Jane Dunmire 
Born - 5 April 1845   Wayne, Wayne County, Ohio
Died - 18 March 1911   Wichita, Sedgwich County, Kansas 

Mary Ann is the third child of Thomas and Mary Hepworth
Born - 1 Jan 1854 Salt Lake City, Utah
Died - 20 Feb 1892 Albion, Cassia, Idaho 

History  (in part) 

"Charles's folks were farmers and had a side interest in raising peacocks for themselves and neighbors.  They considered the peacock both ornamental and beneficial  Instead of turkey, the Albertsons felt the peacock, at times, to be a rare delicacy to be served to guests on holidays. 

The Henry Albertson family were of the First Methodist Church.  At the age of twelve years, Charles became a convert to the Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints (Josephites,)  but was not baptized until later in life.  

When seventeen years old Charles, with the permission of his parents, joined the Army and served in the Civil War where he was wounded. 

When Fort Douglas was built, in the Utah Territory, Charles Albertson was sent as one of the recruits to occupy and man the Fort to keep peace and safety here. 

In about 1869 Charles Albertson met and married Mary Ann Hepworth.
 (29 Sep 1869).

Charles is no longer in the Army and built or occupied a home in an old town between Salt Lake City and Tooele, Utah, called E-T.  Charles had a small farm and also was a teacher in a small school near his home.  
Mary Ann Hepworth Albertson had a small eating establishment between Tooele, Utah and Salt Lake City.  
THis is the end of the history that I have. 

Mary Ann was fifteen years old when she married Charles who was twenty four.  They had twelve children.  The first two children Charles Hepworth and Mary Jane were born in Salt Lake City.  The next two children Eva and Edna were born in Tooele, Utah.  The next eight children were born in Albion, Idaho.   Number six and seven, Thomas and Elizabeth were twins born on 9 Sep 1879.
Elizabeth died the same day and Thomas died at age five. 

Mary Ann died at the early age of thirty eight. leaving ten children still living at home.   She also joined the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ called Josephites  at that time on 22 March 1871.

Charles did not remarry and died in 1911 in Kansas.


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