Sunday, June 10, 2012

Helping with the 1940 Index

I  helped index the first half of the 1940 US census
     Posting about helping with the 1940 Index is an idea I got from one of my favorite bloggers, Nancy. She posted "and I helped."  I only know Nancy from blogging but, I feel I do know her.  Don't you love those kind of people?! 
      I have been trying to help with this indexing through the organization TCGS or Tri-city Genealogical Society but, it hasn't been easy since I do it at night before bedtime and find my self asleep with my hands on the keyboard.  But, I am helping and encourage others to do the same. 
     I see changes in this since I last posted anything and guess I'd better get more acquainted with it.  I also noticed that my past signature "Renee" is now a big black blob with a / through it.  Wonder why that is?
Very unattractive and I don't know how to correct it or get rid of it.  Anyone have any ideas?  Please let me know.  
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