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Saturday, March 26, 2011

1873 - Ellen Maria Kidgell marries!

Ellen Maria Kidgell first child of Charles and Sarah Ann. Remember she was born three weeks after arriving in the Salt Lake Territory under unpleasant circumstances, raining - leaking roof, bed on tree stumps to keep it out of the water, which I found out was a common Mormon Tale of this period.  But, part of the title of my Blog is - (family) TALES  Told!  
Ellen turned eighteen on 19 October and married Joseph Bithell on 30 December 1873.  He was twenty seven.  I don't have information of where they were married or by whom.  But, I do believe this picture was taken at the time of their marriage.  
Joseph was born 10 July 1846 in Birkenhead Cheshire, England however, his parents were born in Wales.  He came into the Utah Territory with his father Thomas, and six siblings in 1860.  Apparently, his mother died in England. 
Joseph and Ellen lived the first seven years in Ophir, Tooele, Utah a mining town where four of their seven children are born.  By 1882 they live in Salt Lake City.  Of the seven children only three live to be adults, Joseph James b 12 Oct 1875, Cora Mae b 17 May 1877, Charles Kidgel b 26 Jul 1878.  
Joseph dies in 1902 from a violent mining accident.  More information at a later time. 

Today Ophir is a 'ghost town'.

Have you ever heard of Ophir, Utah? 
Over ten years ago I purchased the  software program LDS Family History Suite 2  where I found this  picture with the 'Folklore' explanation of how Ophir got it's  name. 
Hilarious !!  I'm so glad I saved it because after searching the internet the top picture is no where to be found.
If only Ellen Maria kept a
 journal on;  
My Life Living in Ophir, Utah.
Information and Pictures about Ophir