Monday, January 3, 2011

Whispers From The Past/Tales Told: First Year/Vern and Verona

Whispers From The Past/Tales Told: First Year/Vern and Verona: " After a three day honey-moon in Salt Lake City, Mother's first&nbs..."

First Year/Vern and Verona

           After a three day honey-moon
in Salt Lake City,  
Mother's first visit to the City in her 20 years (she turned 20 on the 5th of December) Dad, Mother, Grandmother Tomlinson and Aunt Louise returned to Albion on Christmas Eve, followed by a wedding reception after Christmas day.  
    They set up "house keeping" in a one room apartment in Almo, Cassia, Idaho where Dad (Butch) was in the middle of his second year of teaching and being principal of the Almo Elementary School, grades one through nine.  Almo had a country store, a church, and the school house.  They didn't have a car and only a few families in the town had a radio.  Relatives and friends helped out in driving them to Albion once a month to visit. 

What did they do for entertainment living in such a place as Almo.  They played basketball!!  
 "The church MIA basketball Program was just getting a good start.  However, there were not enough 'elegible' basketball players to field a qualified team, so we organized an 'outlaw' team of over aged, under aged and Butch, a college letter man who would  play ball with anyone that wanted to play.  Verona, was drafted to be the referee and she did such a good job that she refereed the games Butch was playing in and  helped him referee when other teams played."  (from the life history of Vern and Verona) 
In the spring of 1935, Dad applied for another teaching job in Jerome, Idaho.  This job paid $96.00 a month so Mom  and Dad moved to Jerome in late August. 
This will be the last 'post' for Vern and Verona for a while.  Next post  will be about the KIDGELL's.