Sunday, December 28, 2014

Movie "Unbroken" familiar flight scene; Ralph H. Hepworth

Saturday afternoon (27 Dec 2014) Earl and I went to the movie “UNBROKEN” a true story of the life of Louis Tamperini an Olympic runner and a hero in World Ward ll.  We enjoyed this story of survival, determination and forgiveness.  Makes a person (again) appreciate the sacrifices made by those men and women who fought for our freedom.

In the beginning of the movie is a scene of a B-24; damaged with its belly ripped apart; the occupants clinging to the sides and 500 miles from their base yet the pilot landed the crippled plane safely.  My thoughts were “mmmmm the details about this crippled plane sound so familiar.”  Earl read the book but, I did not.  After the movie while driving home I reflected about that scene when I remembered posting in 2012 on this blog about a first cousin of my father’s Ralph Huntington Hepworth who was in World War ll.  He was a Lieutenant in the Navy and a Co-Pilot on an American Privateer Search Plane stationed in Okinawa.   

On 2 July 1945 Ralph experienced what I saw in this movie.  The headlines in the Twin Falls Times were:
Albion Pilot’s Mangled Plane Back With Chunks of Ripped-off Jap Mast.

This story was in Newspaper’s all over the world.  If you click on the words Ralph Huntington Hepworth it will take you to the story I posted on Friday 25 May 2012 that describes men holding on for dear life in a crippled plane(the belly of the plane was ripped apart) 500 miles from their base and safely landing.  

If you want to know 'the rest of the story'  click on the words In Honor of Ralph Hepworth. THis happened 24 July 1945; twenty two days later. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Parents were married in December fifteen years apart.

     This December I would like to honor my parents and Earl’s parents by posting about their  marriage, my mom and dad eighty years ago and Earl’s parents ninety five years ago from this December. 
     Both were married in the Temple on a wintery day Fifteen Years and four days apart.
     Earl parents were married in the Salt Lake Temple and took a train from Bancroft, Idaho with two other couples who also married in the Salt Lake Temple.  Their names were of Bill Higginson and Fanny McClellan and Leo Johnson and Millie Grant. Gladys writes that the train was to arrive at ten o’clock in the morning  but it arrived very late, at four in the afternoon.  But, friend and relatives waited with them and just as they were to board the train a shower of rice hit them full in the face.  Gladys doesn't give any more details of her wedding day.

     My parents drove with my Grandmother Tomlinson and Dad’s younger sister Louise.   I wrote about their marriage in a 2010 post.  If you would like to read about it go to this site. Married on the shortest day of the year.

     Earl and I love our parents.  They gave us many wonderful memories and taught us values to follow throughout our lives.