Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hepworth House Porch Restored

Thomas and Mary Hepworth built this house in the 1870's.  It is being restored today. 
November 2017
Over six years of hard work and beautiful craftsmanship the restoration of the porch
by the owner of the Hepworth house is finished.  Makes me very grateful for the love,
the patience by Alan Barnett in restoring great great grandfather
Thomas Hepworth and Mary Fletcher's home.

My Thanksgiving thoughts today comes from a post on my facebook page very recently of the restoration of THE PORCH
of my Great Great GrandParents.   Really, when I saw the post  I became very teary eyed and posted my comments as such, and stating that it is such an honor to my gg grandparents that their house is coming alive again.
Alan Barnett purchased this home in Salt Lake City a number of years ago.  Bit by bit he is restoring it.
His answer to my post was this "Renée, I couldn't have done this without the photo you provided showing Mary Hepworth and some of the family standing in front of the house It was absolutely invaluable in recreating the details on the porch."
(Referring to the top picture of this post)

My Thoughts:  Everyone!  SHARE what you have.  It  may be pictures, stories,  or documents; share them by uploading them on Familysearch or Ancestry Tree, family reunions.   It will bless someone's life that you never thought it would.

I am grateful to  everyone that shows me support in doing FamilySearch of my family lines.
I give Gratitude to all my family that has gone before me and to family and friends that are with me today.

"Live in Thanksgiving Daily"             Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin


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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I love Halloween.
Not so much the modern Halloween of today.
Many good memories of my own childhood and when our twins were home.
Cari and Lori also loved Halloween and made the season so fun. 
Even with just Earl and Me at home I still decorate for Halloween. Just for my enjoyment. 
I am looking for a old discarded doll house to remodel into a haunted house for next year. 
Happy Halloween 

Still trying to get back to blogging.  
It will happen just not sure when. 
My best to everyone who stops by.  


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Babies Dressed in White continued: If I only realized Fifty three years ago......

This Beautiful White Dress has a matching slip and inside of the back is a tag that says ZCMI. 
 (Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution [for more information click here]) History of ZCMI
 It was purchased in 1913 for the Priesthood ordinance of giving my father a name and a blessing:
 Vern Wherrett Tomlinson.
(In modern revelation, parents who are members of the Church [Church of Jesus Christ of - Latter Day Saints]are commanded to bring their children “before the church,” where the elders “are to lay their hands upon them in the name of Jesus Christ, and bless them in his name” (D&C 20:70). This is why parents bring babies to a sacrament meeting, where an elder—usually the father—gives them a name and a blessing.)
Vern's three living children Gary, Renée and Ted, seven Granddaughters and three Grandsons were given a name and a blessing wearing this dress.
After the thirteenth Great Grandchild it had become so frail it was time to retire the legendary Blessing Dress. My mother felt it was best that the oldest Tomlinson son should inherit Dad's dress. 
 Today it's  displayed in the home of  my oldest brother Gary Vern.

If only I had the nostalgia; the appreciation; fifty three years ago AS I DO today, I would have taken a more professional picture of my children and grandchildren wearing this dress. (Nicole is pictured above in 'The Dress.')  And I would have encouraged my two brothers to also encourage their children to take a more professional picture of their babies wearing Dad's dress. 
In my mother and fathers' picture albums I found all of the pictures of babies that wore the blessing gown for this special ordinance.  Some were OK but most are not OK.   The picture was either out of focus or it didn't show the whole dress.  Since I found the poem written by David O. Mckay it has really been on my mind of how important it is to preserve and cherish precious meaningful materialistic things for our posterity.
The above (out of focus) picture is me; the only picture taken of me in infancy. Mother was showing how much hair I was born with by using the mirror.  I did not notice until scanning this picture for this post that I indeed am wearing Dad's dress.  You can tell by looking closely at the sleeve and around the neck.   Makes me happy; that this pic verifies Mothers statement that I was given a name and blessing wearing Dad's dress.  
 Below is a picture of my Grandson Christopher.  I had to talk Christopher's father into wearing the dress for his blessing.  This was in the spring of 1994.  I promised his father Chris, that as soon as the blessing was over that his mother and I would take him out to the church building hallway and change him into his boy baby outfit.  This memory sure makes me smile and as
you see it made Christopher happy too.

Christopher Michael 

Once more I am enclosing the Poem by David O. McKay

The summer is getting HOT and LIFE is very busy.  I am now the caretaker for my husband Earl and am taking the summer off.  I may do one more post then not again until September.  

Have a great summer and thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Baby Dressed In White

Vern W. Tomlinson picture taken ca December 1913 or January 1914.
His own baby ring hangs by a ribbon on the right. Below are his parents.
Poem by President David O. Mckay "A Baby Dressed In White"
     As I have mentioned before I belong to an International Association with the Acronym - DUP aka as Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Below is the link to the ISDUP (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers.) web site.
ISDUP official web site. 
Here you will find lots of information about the Society.
Also, here is a site on YouTube that further explains about the museum that you can tour at no cost.  Take a look you will be surprised what you will find in this wonderful Museum.
   Best Pioneer Museum - Utah

      I want to make this short and to the point of why the picture above.  Each month we have a lesson on different subjects of Utah Pioneers and  April's lesson was one of my favorites this year because It inspired me to put this 'Shadow Box' together.  The lesson was titled "Pioneer Clothing" prepared by Lynnette Pieper Hanson a member of the ISDUP Board.  So, So interesting.  The part about babies clothing and how both girls and boys wore long dresses brought me to attention.  And especially the inclusion of a poem composed by President David O. McKay titled "A Baby Dressed In White ."
David O. McKay was the ninth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1951 until his death in 1970.
          The picture is of my father when he was six months old. What a chunk he was; after all he weight 12 lb. at birth. Also, you can see his baby ring hanging from a ribbon on the right side of Dad's  head. Below his picture are pictures of his parents; George Wherrett Tomlinson and Ethel Hepworth who were married on 3 October 1912 then eleven months later; 2 August 1913 they became a family of three.
     David O. McKay has many wonderful quotes to his name of fame.  You can search on the internet using Google Images or Pinterest and find many quotes but, this gem you will not find.  All the more reason to be a member of DUP to come across this poem that could not be found easily anywhere else.

To be continued.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

So Grateful to believe in Easter and how the Resurrection means so much in our families lives,

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1944 Classic idea for a family pic.

Muriel Anina Lund b 1935 d 2014--Janice Katie Lund b 1939 d 2015
     Social media at it's best.  This very creative picture was posted on my Facebook Messenger
to share with me.  I have never personally met the distant cousin who sent this to me but, doesn't matter I feel as though I know them and I certainly am happy to be in contact via the internet.

     Look closely at these beautiful sisters, Muriel and Janice (who certainly look alike) playing a card game with the family pet posing for the camera.  Sister on the left is keeping score. Even their sitting posture is like a serious card player.

The only information I have (at this writing) is that the picture was taken by their father James Lund in 1944.  Muriel was nine years old and Janice was five years old.  It was not until 1951 that another sibling was added, a brother John Gustave Lund who sadly died two weeks after Muriel's death in 2014.

     Mother of these children was Katie Rose Treloar (of the Hepworth line) a first cousin to my father.  My father (Vern) talked about many fun times with Katie and her sister Pauline while living in Salt Lake City.  Parents, Katie and Jim spent their married life in California where all the children were born and all are buried in California.
 Love Family and their History.


Friday, March 24, 2017

1977 Sister/Friend

Lori Gay & Cari Lyn
     Lori is on the left and Cari on the right.  It's 1977 near the 24th of January their tenth birthday.  One of my favorite pictures before the teen years.

     Both Lori and Cari graduated from BYU at different years; both graduated Summa Cum Laude.

     Another year has gone by since the death of our Cari.
     She accomplished so much in her short life and had so many plans to do more that would benefit those who knew her.  She is missed by the many people she knew. Earl and I have received several phone calls and a few emails over the last years since her passing in 2009, asking about her only to have tell them she is deceased.  Each friend, whether they knew her from her mission in the Netherlands, or knew her from one of the Universities or was a 'climbing' friend from Germany all had wonderful                                                                                                                                   memories of being with Cari.

     Cari graduated from BYU in 1992 with a G.P.A.3.96
and was named as the "Most Outstanding History Student"

     In 1995 she got her M.A. in History from Indiana University.

2003 she received a Teacher's Certification. 
(Secondary School History/Social Studies) from the College of New Jersey.

2004 PhD. in History, Indiana University
Major: Modern European History
Minors: Modern Russian/Soviet History, the History and Philosophy of Science.
G.P.A. 3.91

Here is a link to her dissertation titled:
 EAST GERMANY, 1945-1962.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gold and Green Ball; have you heard of it?

     If you know all about planning and attending a Gold and Green Ball where a Queen was crowned then I know about what age you are. Well maybe.
I remember my parents being involved in the planning and decorating and dancing in many of these events while living in the Jerome LDS 2nd Ward in the Blaine Stake.  
     On March 22, 1946 just five weeks shy of my fourth birthday I was a 'flower girl' attendant to the Queen as well as four other little girls.  Also, little Richard Gibbons, he was the Crown bearer. I thought he was so cute with the biggest ears. His parents and mine were friends and on occasion we were playmates.
     I still have the dress that was made for me as you see in the picture and the picture of me wearing the dress. I am not happy.  I remember my mother coaxing (begging me) to smile for this picture.  She just didn't realize how scratchy the material was on my body even though it had a matching slip underneath.  Where you see the little rosettes on the neck and the waist with ribbons hanging down, in the center of the rosettes were little buttons that looked like little beady eyes and they were scaring me. Also, it was too tight under my arms and no matter how many times my mother said to me "you will only be wearing the dress for one evening so get used to it and don't complain."  Well, I didn't complain I just would not show joy on my face even though it was a big fancy event.
"Evaun Anderson ....who was crowned Queen of the L.D.S. Second Ward Green and Gold Ball here Friday evening"
     This is the newspaper article about the Gold and Green Ball and still I am scowling.

      Gold and Green Balls today are not like what you see in this picture.  Lots of planning and decorating and dance practices. It was a formal attire.  The event was put on by the Mutual Improvement Association whose colors were Gold and Green which is where the name evolved from. Green stood for youth and growth; gold stood for purity and perfection.  (This may be true today.)
My mother worked in the MIA program of the LDS Church for years and was involved in this event on both the Ward level and the Stake level.  Not only was there a Ward event but, a Stake Gold and Green Ball event followed soon after each Ward event was held.  This year of 1946 the G&G Ball was held at the local Moose Hall.

     At 10:PM the floor show would begin.  I do remember all the dancing.  Adult couples would dance; maybe the tango or waltz etc.  Then the 'All Girl' dance to the theme of that year.  All dances were prepared weeks before the event which meant 'dance practices' for both adults and youth through the winter months.
      And, always a live orchestra.

     How to choose a Queen was done by whatever method a ward, branch, or stake chose.  Sometimes it was by popular choice and voting, some were chosen because they sold the most subscriptions to the Improvement Era, or maybe they had the best record of meeting attendance or very simply drew their name out of a hat.  I do not know when this practice of crowning a Queen ended.  If you want to know more about Gold and Green Balls; Google it there's lots of info about it.

     Thanks for stopping by.  



Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fifty Years ago today two blessing came to live with us.

Lori is on the left of three pictures; Cari on the right.  Picture of them sleeping
in their carseats after grocery shopping, I think Lori is also on the left but,
I am guessing. First picture Lori and Cari were 6 months old; then about 15 months old.
In front of their playhouse that Earl built; about 4 years old; next twelve years old.

     The day is not gone yet to post in celebration of the birth of our
 twins Cari and Lori.
It’s been difficult going through so many wonderful pictures of our twins knowing that one did not make it to 50 years old.  Our beloved Cari was taken away at age 42.  She accomplished so much in her short life and one day I will post about it.
I just came across one of Cari’s favorite scriptures 
that makes it possible to finally post this
Celebration of Life on my blog. 
“He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears
from off the faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take

away from off all the earth: for the Lord hath spoken it.”