Thursday, March 7, 2013

Charles Vern Hepworth and Mable Ann Duffy and Family

Charles Vern Hepworth b1885-d1947  Mabel Ann Duffy b1894 -d1932

      Charles Vern Hepworth married Mabel Ann Duffy on 30 June 1916 in Hailey, Blaine, Idaho.  Mabel was a nurse. She graduated  from St. Mark's nursing school in Salt Lake City and was introduced to Charles by a patient of hers.  
     Mable was born 1 November 1894 in Hailey, Idaho.  She died at an early age of thirty eight on 17 November 1932. 
'Bus, Yvonne, Merle, Ralph 1926

     This picture was taken in 1926 of four of the five adorable children of Charles and Mabel in front of the Hepworth house at 1424 Harrison Ave. in Salt Lake City.  (top left) Charles Michael age 7 - Yvonne age 8 (who will be ninety five in June and still adorable) 'Merle' age 4 and Ralph age 5.  (Ralph died in World War ll)  Another handsome boy was born into this family, John Clifford on  18 June 1927.
  Charles and Mabel left the big city of Salt Lake in 1928 and moved to the beautiful Magic Valley of Albion, Idaho. Charles joined his father James, his Uncle Joseph and brother Ed in the business of the Albion Meat Market.
     Copies of these pictures were so graciously given to me by Yvonne with the help of her daughter Alonna.  Thank You!
The picture below is Yvonne's father Charles Vern with a big slab of beef on his shoulder and the caption
"He eats Spinach."
Charles Vern Hepworth - Albion, Idaho

          I guess a person could interpret "he eats spinach" two ways;  Spinach makes him strong and able to hoist the large slab of beef  (which is what the author probably meant) or being around and dealing with slaughtering all kinds of 'meat'; cow, pig, lamb, chicken etc. he prefers to eat spinach. 

     Mabel's youngest child, John was five years old when she was operated on for a goiter Goiter.  Sadly She did not survive the operation.     She died on 17 Nov. 1932 in the hospital Twin Falls, Idaho.

Salt Lake Tribune  18 Nov. 1832 
Mrs. Charles V. Hepworth
     Mrs. Charles Vern Hepworth, 38 formerly of Salt Lake, died in a hospital in Albion, Idaho. [Twin Falls, Idaho] Thursday morning following an operation.  At the time of her death she was a resident of Twin Falls, Idaho.  [Albion, Idaho]  
     She was born November 1, 1894, in Hailey, Idaho and had resided in Salt Lake from 1913 until 1928.  She was well known here as a nurse, having been graduated from the St.Mark's nursing school. 
     Surviving are her husband, five sons and daughter, Yvonne, Charles Jr., Ralph, Merle and Jack Hepworth of Twin Falls; [Albion] her mother; Mrs. M.O. Duffy of San Francisco:  five sisters, Mrs. John Claussen of Oakland, Cal.:  Mrs. B.H. Daw of Salt Lake; Mrs. C.J. Binder, Mrs. Thomas Canty and Mrs. John Carnato of San Francisco, and one brother, Herbert Duffy of San Jose Cal.
Mabel was buried in the Salt Lake City, Cemetery.   
     Her daughter Yvonne "Tells stories of her mother's return to their house late at night after treating many people, or after someone died, or after she cared for families with very serious and contagious diseases.  Her mother would call to her and ask her to throw a potato sack out the front door to her so that she could remove her contaminated clothing and burn it, taking every precaution to protect [her family].  (From a tribute to Yvonne's ninetieth birthday written by Patricia.)  

     What a difficult time for the Hepworth family.  Yvonne the oldest child  was thirteen.
Their father Charles never remarried.  Yvonne being the oldest became mother to the boys with a great deal of help from Nana and Grandmother Ethel in raising the  children to adulthood.    
      Charles died at age sixty involving a drowning accident.  I have searched the archival newspapers of Twin Falls, Idaho and Salt Lake and failed to find any more information surrounding the drowning death on 30 April 1947.  His funeral was held in the Albion LDS Church.  Interment was in Salt Lake City. 

     All four of Charlie and Mabel's sons served in WW ll. WW ll Hepworth Brothers  Their only daughter Yvonne faced many challenges in her life with grace, courage and integrity.