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Herman 'Gone to the Hospital'

Con't from Herman's Demise and
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The Logan Tri-Weekly Journal
31 March 1898
Gone to the Hospital 
     Herman Vogel, the would-be suicide 
who so frightfully maimed himself
on Monday, was taken to Salt Lake
City on Tuesday, where he will be 
placed in St. Mark's hospital for treatment. 
     Up to the time of his departure the wounded man had evinced no regret over his unseemly deed;
in fact he made another attempt to end his life on the evening of the day on which the tragedy occurred, by seizing a large knife and attempting to stab himself;  but he was promptly seized and disarmed by those who were watching him.  He is possessed of the most remarkable endurance.
     On Tuesday he wrote several letters and the writing exhibited not the slightest trace of nervousness or weakness.  Early in the morning of that day he arose and made 
preparations for obtaining the cup of coffee 
which he is accustomed to taking before going
out in the morning, and in many other ways 
gave evidence that the fearful wound inflicted
upon himself had not weakened him
      To the first suggestion of going to Salt Lake
 for treatment, he was decidedly averse; but 
upon the full situation being explained to him
by the attending physicians, he finally consented
to go.  Before leaving he adjusted all his difficulties, 
and empowered Mr. Kidgell to conduct his 
business during his absence. 
    Relatives of Mrs. Vogel now claim that her 
husband did not point the gun at her, although 
that was the explanation given at the time of 
the tragedy.  According to the latest and most
authentic version, Mrs. Vogel seeing her husband
leave the house, followed him and asked if the 
gun was loaded.  He replied by asking her 
if [why] she wanted to know, and then slammed
the door of the bottling house shut.  Mrs. Vogel 
started back toward the house, and when within
a few feet of it heard the report of the gun.
     The physicians are quite confident that if blood 
poisoning does not set in, Vogel will recover.  A good
deal of sympathy for the unfortunate man is 
expressed on the street.

The Logan Tri-Weekly Journal
31 March 1898
     According to the Salt Tribune, Herman Vogel
was operated upon yesterday morning by 
Dr. Bascom and Critchlow.  

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