Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

         Every year I send valentine's; to my grandchildren,
 a friend and of course my husband. 
  Usually I purchase Valentine socks and send to my granddaughters.  This year that all escaped me.  I did not send Valentine socks or a Valentine to my granddaughters or a Valentine to a friend.  I did get a Valentine for my husband.  
Today, Feb 13th, I got my Valentine from Earl.  A BEAUTIFUL Valentine
 and a i Tunes gift card.
Exchanging Valentine's with my spouse is most important.  

I have often mentioned how 'living' gets in the way of my life, my life of doing my favorite things.  I need to take some time out to do some other things that does
 not include my favorite things.    I will be back posting on my blog in March. 
Thanks for stopping by.