Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Seniors as we Juniors see them by Butch Tomlinson Jr. Class President

It's 1930 and graduation time at Albion High School in Albion, Idaho and Dad (Vern aka Butch) is President of the Jr. Class.  Mother (Verona aka Monie) is President of the Sophomore Class. 
I have the 'yearbook' known as 'Albion Hi -Lights 1930' that belonged to my mother.  On each page a classmate or teacher has written a message of friendship and wishes for a fun summer.  The book has only twenty four pages including the town Ads. 
Dad's picture appears on four of the pages and on every one he has written Butch across his FACE.  You can see an example of this in the picture on the left.  Dad! What were you thinking!   

Being the Junior Class President Dad wrote a tribute to the graduating Seniors to be read at the ceremony. You can see it in the background of the above picture.  It was titled:

A Senior as we Juniors see them
Any person can tell a senior, why?
Because they are different from the rest of the high school.
They act more dignified and  sophisticated, they have passed their childish years that we 
juniors have experienced.  
They are on the brink of accomplishing the feat that every boy and girl look
forward to --------graduation.
They have studied and successfully won the battle of education 
We juniors think of the seniors as a our big brothers and sisters. 
They have had much more experience than we and are well versed on the affairs of life.
They held three fourths of the student body offices.  Did they do it successfully?
I'll say they did, the student body has accomplished a great deal this year. 
In athletics they were the best of the bunch.
And in Glee Club and Drama they responded like stars. 
It would be very easy to fix an algebraic equation for the seniors such as the best in everything
+ 4 years in high school = Seniors.
As spokesman  for the junior class we with the 1930 seniors the best of luck in life, we would like to see them in higher fields and if we could fill their shoes as successfully as they have filled them we will be satisfied.


Love you Dad.