Friday, October 19, 2012

More information of families left behind.

        Mary and Frances Amelia's parents were James Fletcher and Julia Lightfoot.  James was born on 16 Feb 1807.  
Birthday for James I found using  on a Christening record that records his birth date and christening date which you don't always find both dates on such a record. Always happy when this happens.   His christening occurred at Saint Peter Church in Liverpool, England on the
 5 April 1807.  
     Julia's  birth date is not exactly known.  It was just in the last year that I found her maiden name of Lightfoot.  Yeah!  
I have found a christening record for a Julia Lightfoot for the date 1 Feb 1801 and listed only one parent, William Lightfoot.  If this is her, she would have been twenty five when she married James who is nineteen.  
Below is James and Julia's record of marriage.  
 This record is from the Church of St. Anne, in the Parish of Liverpool and County of Lancaster in the year 1826 reads like this:
James Fletcher of this Parish, Painter and Julia Lightfoot of this Parish, Spinster were married in this Church by Banns with consent of _______(blank)________________ this twenty ninth day of
June  in the year of One Thousand eight hundred and twenty six 
by me Wm. Blundell Minst. 
This Marriage was solemnized between us James Fletcher Julia Lightfoot
in the Presence of  Charles Fletcher, Lydia Saulby. 

It's always a thrill to see signatures of my very own 
Great Great Great Grandparents. 
Both can write their names which means they were educated. 
It is hard to make out the J in  Julia.  To me it looks like maybe the pen skipped or it didn't copy well.  I see the same Minister that married James and Julia married James's parents Samuel and Ann Fletcher who are (I'm guessing) dead by 1826.
The witnesses Charles Fletcher I do not have information if he is a brother to James or an Uncle and Lydia I have no clue who she is. 

I'm quite sure Julia dies before 1841; I have found an indexed record in the year 1840 for a Julia Fletcher in Liverpool. I  would need to send for the original record to know for sure.  It should list her husband's name and occupation.  
In the 1841 English Census I found James Fletcher (Indexed as a Janet Fletcher)
a painter, with daughter Mary age nine living in Liverpool.  They are living  with another family named Scholey.     I beleive Frances Amelia who is about thirteen is working as a servant in another household. 
When Mary and Frances Amelia leave for America in 1852 it's a possibility their father James is still living.     

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