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Friday, September 11, 2015

Fi-Wo-Ca Literary Club 1927/28 President Grandmother Ethel Hepworth Tomlinson

Fi-Wo-Ca was a Literary Club that my Grandmother and Great Grandmother was a member of when they moved from Salt Lake City to Ogden.  It was organized in 1923 in Ogden.  What a fascinating discovery! I love this woman's club.  
This is a program for the year's 1927-1928 in which Grandmother Ethel was President.    The Club would start in late September and would meet twice a month until the first week in June.  A lot of thought and preplanning was done then a  little booklet for the literary year would be printed for all members that I would guess would be given to the members at the first meeting.  I have several of them and they are so well done.
I have scanned all the pages of 1927/28 program; cover page; inside page - states the year is was organized; the next inside page's states the
 Lavender and Gold

EMBLEM  Poinsettia

F - FRIENDSHIP                                     OFFICERS   (Six positions are listed)
I - INDUSTRY                                        
W- WOMANHOOD                             MEMBERS NAMES  (Listed are eleven names)
C -CULTURE                                          

The next page has the
 Fi-Wo-Ca Club Song.  Be sure to read all the words.(I don't know the tune that was put to this song.)  Remember this is 1927/28

Fi-Wo-Ca Club Song
Friendship proves the soul's fidelity 
Industry is wonderful to see
In the heart of every girl-
The longing to proclaim her womanhood.
Culture fine and Art we're striving for.
Opportunity is at our door.
Fi-Wo-Ca stands for friendship-
Woman hood and all that's good.
Fi-Wo-Ca we're happy,
Fi-Wo-Ca we're snappy,
Fi-Wo-Ca we're feeling fine. 
We're learning new stories 
We're planning new glories
We're seeking new Art sublime.
Fi-Wo-Ca friendship's good for the blues
Fi-Wo-Ca womanhood improves
Fi-Wo-Ca we're happy
Fi-Wo-Ca we're snappy 
Fi-Wo-Ca We're feeling fine. 

Members of this club would take turns in meeting in their homes so the first name on the program for each month would be the HOSTESS; (name)
next, CURRENT EVENTS;  (name)
Title of the book to review or music or plays or drama  (name) 

I must list what was being discussed during this literary year, it is so interesting!

"It Happened in Pekin"  (this one was reviewed by Great Grandmother Sarah K. Hepworth)
"United States Relations with China"
New Decalogue of Science by Wiggins
New Decalogue of Science (continued)
"Madam Clair" by Susanne Ertz 
"History, Government and Religious Customs of India"
Christmas Party
"One Act Plays"
"Tolerance"  by Hendrick Wellem Van Loon
"Tolerance" (continued)
"Tolerance" (last part)
Musical Number  (Open Meeting)
"Elmer Gantry"  by Sinclair Lewis
Paper on Geology 
Russian Music
"Italy and Mussolini"  (this was given by Grandmother Ethel)
'Is this an age of self indulgence?"
Last meeting in June was Resume and  Election of Officers.  

What a variety of topics for discussion.  I found in the Ogden Newspaper under 'SOCIAL" a writeup on the meeting after each one that included how the hostess decorated the tables and what was served for refreshments.  I hope you took  note in the song the line "friendship's good for the blues/ womanhood improves."    

I will sign off with one of my favorite FAMILY HISTORY QUOTES. 
"Knowing who our family 
Reveals part of who we