Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1944 Classic idea for a family pic.

Muriel Anina Lund b 1935 d 2014--Janice Katie Lund b 1939 d 2015
     Social media at it's best.  This very creative picture was posted on my Facebook Messenger
to share with me.  I have never personally met the distant cousin who sent this to me but, doesn't matter I feel as though I know them and I certainly am happy to be in contact via the internet.

     Look closely at these beautiful sisters, Muriel and Janice (who certainly look alike) playing a card game with the family pet posing for the camera.  Sister on the left is keeping score. Even their sitting posture is like a serious card player.

The only information I have (at this writing) is that the picture was taken by their father James Lund in 1944.  Muriel was nine years old and Janice was five years old.  It was not until 1951 that another sibling was added, a brother John Gustave Lund who sadly died two weeks after Muriel's death in 2014.

     Mother of these children was Katie Rose Treloar (of the Hepworth line) a first cousin to my father.  My father (Vern) talked about many fun times with Katie and her sister Pauline while living in Salt Lake City.  Parents, Katie and Jim spent their married life in California where all the children were born and all are buried in California.
 Love Family and their History.


Friday, March 24, 2017

1977 Sister/Friend

Lori Gay & Cari Lyn
     Lori is on the left and Cari on the right.  It's 1977 near the 24th of January their tenth birthday.  One of my favorite pictures before the teen years.

     Both Lori and Cari graduated from BYU at different years; both graduated Summa Cum Laude.

     Another year has gone by since the death of our Cari.
     She accomplished so much in her short life and had so many plans to do more that would benefit those who knew her.  She is missed by the many people she knew. Earl and I have received several phone calls and a few emails over the last years since her passing in 2009, asking about her only to have tell them she is deceased.  Each friend, whether they knew her from her mission in the Netherlands, or knew her from one of the Universities or was a 'climbing' friend from Germany all had wonderful                                                                                                                                   memories of being with Cari.

     Cari graduated from BYU in 1992 with a G.P.A.3.96
and was named as the "Most Outstanding History Student"

     In 1995 she got her M.A. in History from Indiana University.

2003 she received a Teacher's Certification. 
(Secondary School History/Social Studies) from the College of New Jersey.

2004 PhD. in History, Indiana University
Major: Modern European History
Minors: Modern Russian/Soviet History, the History and Philosophy of Science.
G.P.A. 3.91

Here is a link to her dissertation titled:
 EAST GERMANY, 1945-1962.