Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pictures of Children of Samuel and Mary Jane Hepworth

I have many pictures of this family given to me by a third cousin Leroy.   Samuel and Mary Jane are his great grandparents.  Connecting with a cousin and sharing ancestor pictures and life histories is the highlight in doing Family Search.  Thank you Lee.

The top picture is father Samuel Hepworth and his only son Samuel LeRoy Hepworth the third child born on 10 July 1881.  Notice little Sam's serious face. The next picture is Samuel LeRoy with his younger sister Rilla.  Rilla is a nickname for Aurelia who was born two years after LeRoy on 25 June 1883. The bottom picture of the sweetest faces are sisters Ella born 29 April 1877 and her older sister Hettie Irene born 21 December 1885.  All were born in Salt Lake City and lived in a house located next to their grandparents Thomas and Mary Hepworth at 739 W 200 N.  Today the address is 739 W 100 N. 

 Ella the second daughter died just before she turned eight years old.  Just today I found her death record in the Utah Death Register, 1847-1966 on  The record stated she died from Diphtheria.   Her older sister Hettie would be almost ten, Samuel LeRoy was almost four and sister Rilla was not quite two.  

Then almost five years later little Rilla died of Spinal Meningitis on 3 January 1890. Also, found today in the 
Utah Death Register/ 
Sister Hettie just turned fourteen and Samuel LeRoy was eight years old. 
Was she sick during Christmas? Or was this a sudden sickness for Rilla? 
What heartache this must have been for the Hepworth family.