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John Hepworth was never 'the same' after death of his wife of fifty years; Frances Amelia.

  First, I must mention that I was so happy to learn that my Hepworth family did attend John and Frances A.'s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  More information was sent to me by a descendant of the John Hepworth family that included a guest list  
"Auntie Mary Ann Hepworth (grandmother's sister, her children and their wives)
Jim and Sadie Hepworth
Sara and Peter Olsen,
Sam and Mary Hepworth."    

Just one month and twenty one days after the wonderful celebration with family and friends Frances Amelia Fletcher Hepworth died.  
   I'm always interested in the difference of reporting in the local town newspapers on  events that happens in their city.  So, I am posting information  I found in both the Salt Lake Tribune and the
Salt Lake Herold

On 22 March 1900 in the 
Salt Lake Tribune
   "Mrs. Frances A. Hepworth, wife of John Hepworth, died last evening of pneumonia at the family residence, 571 South Main street.  She had been ill but a week and her death came quite suddenly, being a sad shock to her family.  She was 72 yeas of age and leaves a large family of children and grandchildren. 
   Only a few weeks ago did she and her husband celebrated their golden wedding, being surrounded at the time by all their family, and the event was a memorable one, none being more cheery and attentive to the guests than Mrs. Hepworth, and as she was in such perfect health it was far from the thoughts of all the decorations of gold would so soon be changed to black in memory of one of those in whose honor the guest had assembled.  
   Mrs. Hepworth was a bright and charming women typical of the Western pioneer, whose life, although having its share of hard work yet contained many days of sunshine which were used to gladden the lives of others. 

Salt Lake Herold
22 March 1900 Thursday 
Mrs. Frances Hepworth Dead
Only Few Weeks Ago Celebrated
With Her Husband Their Golden 
   "Mrs. Frances A. Hepworth, wife of John Hepworth, died of pneumonia, at her home in this city.  571 South Main street, at 8:30 last evening, at the age of 73 years.  This estimable old lady had been ailing slightly for a few days but noghing serious was anticipated until within and hour of her death. 
   At her bedside when the end came were her husband and four daughters--Mrs. James Moore, Mrs. I. M. Higley, Mrs. R. Morench and Miss Sarah Hepworth.  The funeral arrangementw will not be made until another daughter, Mrs. Woliam Wright of San Francisco, and a son, John Hepworth, jr., of Mammoth, are communicated with. 
   Mrs. Hepworth was widely known in this community,  She came here from England with her husband among the early settlers.  It is only a few weeks since Mr. and Mrs. Hepworth celebrated the golden anniversary of their wedding; it seemed then that the good wife was yet to see many years of usefulness, and his makes the blow of her bereaved husband and family."
Funeral of Frances A. Hepworth 

    Rose, a beloved grand-daughter of John Hepworth wrote this in her journal.  "Poor dear Grandfather was simply lost with out his companion of 50 years.  He spent most of his time in his big chair with his handkerchief over his face so that on one could see the tears that he shed so silently.  Each day he became more or less an invalid.  Before[death] we bought a horse and buggy of our own, we hired one each day and I would take him for long rides.  He wanted me with him as much as possible and I certainly loved being with him."

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50 Years of Wedded Bliss. GGGrand Aunt & Uncle Hepworth Celebrate; 1900 Salt Lake City.

The Daily Tribune
Salt Lake City, Utah Monday Morning
29 January 1900
"Mr. and Mrs. John Hepworth celebrated their golden wedding yesterday at their hospitable home, 571 South Main street.  The 'bride and groom,' who are 71 and 78 years of age, respectively, were showered with congratulations and elegant presents, while all the love of a large family was offered to them by children and grandchildren.  All the family were present save a son in Tintic,[a Mining District northwest of Nephi, Utah] and those in attendance were from Salt Lake, except Mrs. Wright, a daughter of the venerable couple, who lives in San Francisco.  It was purely a family affair, twenty-seven being present.  They assembled at 2 p. m. and remained until late in the evening to do honor to their parents.  
  At 5 o'clock the most elaborate dinner was served, which lasted for two hours, and was made merry with speeches, stories and family reminiscences.
  The table was arranged in the shape of the letter T, and all the decorations were of golden or yellow hue, yellow roses and other flowers being used to decorate the tables. Overhead were streamers of golden paper; extending from the center of the ceiling to the sides.  
   The menu was of the nicest description  being arranged by the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Hepworth, and served in elegant style.  
   The host and hostess sat at the head of the table and around them were the happy children and grown people.  After the dinner, the evening was passed most pleasantly with music, songs and conversation.  
   Mr. and Mrs. Hepworth were married fifty years ago yesterday in St. Nicholas Church. Liverpool, Eng.  They came to Salt Lake in 1852, where they have ever since resided and have a large circle of friends.  Mr. Hepworth was successful in business, but retired in 1886.  He and his wife have a lovely home, where they pass their autumn days most comfortable, surrounded by a large and interesting family.  

   At the time of this Golden Wedding Celebration Thomas has been dead for almost five years. Second Great Grandmother Mary Hepworth is still living in her large home at 725 West 100 North (today it's 2nd North) Street. Living with her is a daughter Rose (child number eleven) who is married to John George Klink.  They have three children; Vivian age ten, George age eight and Albert T. age two.
   I mention this information because in this article of John and Frances's fiftieth Anniversary Celebration no one in the Thomas Hepworth family is mentioned that they were in attendance at this celebration.  Then again the article did say is was 'purely a family affair.' and I guess so.  Thomas, Mary, John and Frances Amelia migrated to Zion together in 1852.  In the same wagon!  I am surprised that at least her sister Mary should have been mentioned in some way.  Am I wrong?
  A couple of months later Frances died unexpectedly.  Next Post;
The death of Frances Amelia Fletcher Hepworth. 


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Hepworth Family Picture Group Record

This is what I would refer to as the Thomas Hepworth/Mary Fletcher Family Road Map.  In the last two months I have been trying to find the original copy because this copy is so poor.   I was not successful so  I am going ahead with my plan . Often I refer to this record.  It has been in my father's possession for some time and   I regret that I didn't show more interest when my father was alive.   I would have asked him  what he knew about each one.
     This is an amazing record because there are pictures of all Thomas and Mary's eleven  surviving children and all but two pictures of a spouse.
     I have copies of all the pictures
shown with exception of Emma who married Charles I. Cobb and Jane who married Charles's brother Fremont Cobb. At the present time I am working on getting pictures  from a Cobb descendant.
 Child number eleven, Rose, her husband George Klink is not shown   and I have a picture of him. And of course, child number twelve, Joseph never married.
Hmmm, guess I should work on making my own picture record of this family.  As you can tell this record includes two view's of the Hepworth house.  As it was when it was built and when it was turned into apartments; picture taken in 1977.  Today it is being restored to the original state.
A good thing!  I have decided to change my way of blogging about this family.  I am now going to post stories on an individual and not take one family at a time.  So with this Hepworth road map hopefully you can keep track.  I suggest you print your own copy if you don't already have one.  And, remember the John Hepworth and Frances Amelia Fletcher family?  I will start posting information I have on that family.