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50 Years of Wedded Bliss. GGGrand Aunt & Uncle Hepworth Celebrate; 1900 Salt Lake City.

The Daily Tribune
Salt Lake City, Utah Monday Morning
29 January 1900
"Mr. and Mrs. John Hepworth celebrated their golden wedding yesterday at their hospitable home, 571 South Main street.  The 'bride and groom,' who are 71 and 78 years of age, respectively, were showered with congratulations and elegant presents, while all the love of a large family was offered to them by children and grandchildren.  All the family were present save a son in Tintic,[a Mining District northwest of Nephi, Utah] and those in attendance were from Salt Lake, except Mrs. Wright, a daughter of the venerable couple, who lives in San Francisco.  It was purely a family affair, twenty-seven being present.  They assembled at 2 p. m. and remained until late in the evening to do honor to their parents.  
  At 5 o'clock the most elaborate dinner was served, which lasted for two hours, and was made merry with speeches, stories and family reminiscences.
  The table was arranged in the shape of the letter T, and all the decorations were of golden or yellow hue, yellow roses and other flowers being used to decorate the tables. Overhead were streamers of golden paper; extending from the center of the ceiling to the sides.  
   The menu was of the nicest description  being arranged by the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Hepworth, and served in elegant style.  
   The host and hostess sat at the head of the table and around them were the happy children and grown people.  After the dinner, the evening was passed most pleasantly with music, songs and conversation.  
   Mr. and Mrs. Hepworth were married fifty years ago yesterday in St. Nicholas Church. Liverpool, Eng.  They came to Salt Lake in 1852, where they have ever since resided and have a large circle of friends.  Mr. Hepworth was successful in business, but retired in 1886.  He and his wife have a lovely home, where they pass their autumn days most comfortable, surrounded by a large and interesting family.  

   At the time of this Golden Wedding Celebration Thomas has been dead for almost five years. Second Great Grandmother Mary Hepworth is still living in her large home at 725 West 100 North (today it's 2nd North) Street. Living with her is a daughter Rose (child number eleven) who is married to John George Klink.  They have three children; Vivian age ten, George age eight and Albert T. age two.
   I mention this information because in this article of John and Frances's fiftieth Anniversary Celebration no one in the Thomas Hepworth family is mentioned that they were in attendance at this celebration.  Then again the article did say is was 'purely a family affair.' and I guess so.  Thomas, Mary, John and Frances Amelia migrated to Zion together in 1852.  In the same wagon!  I am surprised that at least her sister Mary should have been mentioned in some way.  Am I wrong?
  A couple of months later Frances died unexpectedly.  Next Post;
The death of Frances Amelia Fletcher Hepworth. 



Nancy said...

Such a find to see an article with portrait drawings. Newspapers are sometimes gold mines. It seems that this particular event was limited to their immediate family - children and their spouses, and grandchildren of the couple. Is it possible that there may have been another smaller gather for extended family or that extended family members visited individually to honor the couple? I think it's always hard to know how close people felt to each other in years past and what the customs were for honoring major anniversaries, or even if it was the same for each family.


Hey Nancy, What a treasure trove this post reeled in. I heard from a distant 'double' cousin who sent me a journal written by a granddaughter (favorite granddaughter of John Hepworth) and Yes, this article did not tell the whole story. There was a list of Wedding Anniversary guest and my gggrandmother's name was included as well as my greatgrandfather and mother and two other couples from my Thomas/Mary Hepworth family. I'm feeling very grateful. Thanks you for you comments.