Monday, November 14, 2011

And I wonder where the time goes.

     This is the second Monday of the Month which means DUP day. (Daughters of Utah Pioneers)  And, today I attended two DUP Camps.  My own Meadow Springs Camp and another immediately after, the Windy Rivers Camp.
     Most member 'daughters' are retirement age (over sixty five) a few are between forty five and sixty, our camp has two daughters in that age bracket.  Many are way over sixty five and are great-grandmothers and gggrandmothers.  But, we have one thing in common, we all have Utah pioneer heritage; that means an ancestor or many ancestors of ours that trekked across 'the plains' (America) to the Utah territory before 10 May 1869 when the Transcontinental Railroad was completed.  The reason for belonging to DUP goes even deeper, it's a way to show honor, respect, and love for what our ancestors went through. They set an example of great faith in accepting the challenges and trials that was put before them. In our camp meetings we hear of personal pioneer histories given by members of the camp and a different lesson each month from a booklet printed by the International DUP.  Today the lesson was on 'Musical Instruments.'  "As soon as possible after arriving in the Salt Lake Valley, accomplished musicians organized choirs and brass bands, wrote musical accompaniments for dramas and theater performances, and played music on all types of musical instruments.  Talented individuals sang songs, of joy, hymns, and humorous ballads, and agave professional performances that entertained, inspired, and buoyed up the spirits of the weary pioneers."   
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of an ancestor of mine.  It helps me to cope with my own trials and challenges.

Summer 2011: Grandson Christopher went on a three day trek with over a hundred other youth in our area.  From the look on their faces it must have gone well.  Actually, I was there to witness these young people come over the hill down into the 'valley' pulling and pushing handcarts.  It did bring tears to my eyes.   Christopher did say how "It was a great experience" !
     I have been thinking of  late, where does the time go?  Again, I am having a hard time posting on a regular weekly basis and for those who follow this blog I am trying to do better because I have a lot of material to blog about however, everyday is a busy day.  So I will say to myself;  JUST DO IT!