Sunday, December 25, 2016

Vern's book "The Life of Christ for Little Children."

This is my latest find that was right under my nose all these years.

Last week I picked up this little book that was on top of several ‘old’ books I have displayed in the Ancestral Room aka Guest Room. 
Inside the cover written in pencil is the script; 
Vern W. Tomlinson
Xmas 1916
From “Nana” Hepworth

On Christmas Day 100 years ago today 
my father was four years old and this was one of his gifts.  It was Given to him by his grandmother Sarah Ann Kidgell Hepworth. 
This book was published by the Author William A. Morton in 1916.  Know doubt my great-grandmother knew William and was probably one of the first persons to purchase this book for her beloved grandson.  Dad and his parents were living with his grandparents in Salt Lake City in 1916.  Louise, his younger sister wasn't born until 1918 so I am sure Vern got a lot of undivided love attention and received many presents for Christmas. 

This Christmas Eve my grandson Christopher read from this book the story of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Then bore his testimony how he knows that Jesus is the Son of God and expressed his love for all the teachings of Jesus Christ and how following His teachings blesses us with happiness.   He spoke for all of us who gathered together as family this Christmas Eve 2016.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Do you see a resemblance? Niece Lisa and GreatGrand Capri. So Fun.

It's that time of year again to post a tribute to my mother on her one hundred and second Birthday. This picture was taken in 1977.  The year a granddaughter missed Mom's birthday by two days on December 3rd. Just couldn't wait two more days.  I remember we were all rooting for her to join her grandmother in celebration of a birthday on the same day.
At Thanksgiving time I happened to find these pictures of Lisa in one of the family albums and certainly took a second hard look.  Then I uploaded pictures of my great-grand-daughter from Instagram who just turned two in September.
Okay Folks.  Do you see the resemblance like I do or am I just crazy?
Let me know what you think.

Happy Birthday Mother and 
you too Lisa.
(I think this is a big one.  How did that happen Lisa?)

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Seventeen Years Later A Picture is Found of the Grandfather who Complicated our Family History

This is just one thing that can happen when you take a DNA test.  I ordered a test from several years ago.  The results are posted on and just this year a match appeared with Brenda from Utah. This person is on my father's paternal side. (Very rare connection)  I was so excited about contacting her and she was thrilled when she got my message of our connection.  To make a long story short this was the out come.  She was able to find a picture of my second Great Grandfather Edward Aaron WHERRETT Jr..  I have been looking for a picture of him since the year 1999; the year when I finally unraveled the surname conundrum.  
This second Great Grandfather married Mary Ellen Burns who is Brenda's Great Aunt so we are second cousins once removed. 
I'm only going to give a brief explanation of Edward Aaron Jr. at this writing and will be doing many posts on the  'soap opera' life of the WHERRETT'S at other times. 

At age seventeen Edward Arron WHERRETT Jr. migrated with his mother Matilda GAY WHERRETT from Bath, England to America in 1864 on the ship Hudson and crossed the plains with the William Hyde Co and arrive in the Salt Lake Territory in the fall of 1864.  In 1866 his mother, Matilda married George TOMLINSON.  (More to this story later)
On 18 December 1871 Edward Aaron WHERRETT Jr. married Mary Ellen BURNS in the Salt Lake City Endowment House UNDER the NAME of TOMLINSON his step-father's name. 
So Mary Ellen BURNS became Mary Ellen TOMLINSON. 

My father did not know this.  Even though his middle name is WHERRETT  (Vern WHERRETT TOMLINSON) he thought WHERRETT was a grandmother's maiden name when the truth is WHERRETT was her first married name our biological name.  Matilda (mother of Edward Aaron Jr.) maiden name is GAY.   I plan on taking this life history slow so my family can keep it all straight.  (Our grandfathers name is George WHERRETT TOMLINSON.)

I would like to encourage everyone to take a DNA test.  Last Christmas I gave my daughter and her children and their spouses DNA kits for Christmas.  It's so fun to see the results. 
Here is a link that's a simple explanation of three types of dna tests a person can take.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summers highlight. Peaceful and serenity among chaos.

Highlight of the summer is capturing this picture.  In all the chaos of the day Capri found the best place to lay her pretty little head and take a much needed nap and great-grandfather Earl was more than happy to oblige.

It's been a busy joyful summer with grand-daughters and grandson-in laws and four little ones here for most of the summer.

Summer was not without challenges for Earl and me.  On our 54 wedding anniversary Earl went in for emergency surgery to shore up his femur in his right leg to get ready for radiation treatments of his bones.   I won't go into the details but an hour surgery and maybe two days in the hospital turned out to be a four hour surgery and three weeks in the hospital.  He just came home today.
 (24 Aug 2016)

I will close with this quote by Madame Curie:
"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."


Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Seniors as we Juniors see them by Butch Tomlinson Jr. Class President

It's 1930 and graduation time at Albion High School in Albion, Idaho and Dad (Vern aka Butch) is President of the Jr. Class.  Mother (Verona aka Monie) is President of the Sophomore Class. 
I have the 'yearbook' known as 'Albion Hi -Lights 1930' that belonged to my mother.  On each page a classmate or teacher has written a message of friendship and wishes for a fun summer.  The book has only twenty four pages including the town Ads. 
Dad's picture appears on four of the pages and on every one he has written Butch across his FACE.  You can see an example of this in the picture on the left.  Dad! What were you thinking!   

Being the Junior Class President Dad wrote a tribute to the graduating Seniors to be read at the ceremony. You can see it in the background of the above picture.  It was titled:

A Senior as we Juniors see them
Any person can tell a senior, why?
Because they are different from the rest of the high school.
They act more dignified and  sophisticated, they have passed their childish years that we 
juniors have experienced.  
They are on the brink of accomplishing the feat that every boy and girl look
forward to --------graduation.
They have studied and successfully won the battle of education 
We juniors think of the seniors as a our big brothers and sisters. 
They have had much more experience than we and are well versed on the affairs of life.
They held three fourths of the student body offices.  Did they do it successfully?
I'll say they did, the student body has accomplished a great deal this year. 
In athletics they were the best of the bunch.
And in Glee Club and Drama they responded like stars. 
It would be very easy to fix an algebraic equation for the seniors such as the best in everything
+ 4 years in high school = Seniors.
As spokesman  for the junior class we with the 1930 seniors the best of luck in life, we would like to see them in higher fields and if we could fill their shoes as successfully as they have filled them we will be satisfied.


Love you Dad.