Thursday, January 22, 2015

Burglars enter Hepworth's House; Father John Hepworth thinks it's the "daughters".

This is a story you can chuckle about.  I can hear the dialogue now of Father yelling out to the daughter's of what the heck is going on and the daughter's asking the same thing of the brother what he is doing to make such an disturbance when all along there are burglars in the house. 

The headline in the Ogden newspaper is 
Burglars Frustrated.  In the Deseret New: 
Foiled Again. --

Last night the house of Mr. John Hepworth, on the lower part of East Temple Street, was entered by burglars, who after getting in opened the doors so as to provide egress in case of  emergency.  Mr. Hepworth was awakened on hearing them rummaging about. Thinking it was his daughters he called out and inquired what they were doing up and about at such an unseemly hour.  The girls in turn thought it was their brother and spoke, thinking they were addressing him.  While this colloquial battery was being fired the burglars rushed out of the house and escaped.  The police were communicated with, but of course nothing could be done, by the way of arresting the thieves.  Luckily the scoundrels were interrupted too early to enable them to carry anything away.  

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Highway robbery committed upon Mr. & Mrs John Hepworth 1876

John Hepworth
1 Jan 1822 - 9 Jan 1904
Only a few more postings about 2nd Great Uncle John Hepworths' family and I am going back to posting about my 2nd great grandfathers Hepworth’s family. 

In doing newspaper research I found several incidences where criminal activity happened to the John Hepworth family. 
 Deseret News 10 Oct 1876
[John was age fifty four and Frances Amelia
 was forty eight years old when this happened.] 

[Highway robbery committed upon Mr. and Mrs John Hepworth]

  Garroting, -- This morning, at 10 o;clock, before Justice Pyper, Frank Treseder and Charles Howard were arraigned, charged with Highway robber, committed last evening, upon the person of Mr. John Hepworth, of this city.  The witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. Hepworth and police officer Alexander Burt.  It was developed that the two young men were seen together as if watching or waiting for someone, just previous to the robbery; that Treseder was positively the party who throttled Mr. Hepworth and called to his accomplice to "go through him;" that so far as the darkness of the evening and the attendant circumstances would admit of a conclusion, Howard answered the description of the other party; that Mr. Hepworth's gold watch, worth $189, was taken from his pocket, the robber breaking a string with which it was tied to Mr. H.'s vest to get it away, the fragments of the string attached to the watch when produced in court and that remaining upon the vest corresponding exactly. The watch was correctly described by Mr. Hepworth, and identified in court as his property, and it was further developed that Mr. Burt took it from the person of Treseder upon searching him after the arrest. 
     Two defendants were arrested by Mr. Burt just as they were in the act of entering the Occidental Saloon. the robbed man pointing them out to the officer and recognizing Treseder as being beyond doubt one of the parties.  Both pleaded not guilty, and were separately arraigned for examination. Howard conducted his own case, basing his defense upon the fact of Mr. Hepworth being unable to swear positively that he was the person who accompanied Treseder.  General Barnum having been sent for the latter defendant appeared and waived examination where upon the justice held each of the parties to answer to the grand jury of the district court, fixing the amount of bond in both cases at $1,000.  In default thereof committed jail.

Funny, even in 1876 criminals deny wrongdoing because of 'Unable to Swear  Positive Identity'  when the circumstances are certain it was him. I wonder if John got a black eye or any cuts or bruises?  Do you think Amelia was so frightened she couldn't scream or did she put up a terrible fuss?  I would like to know the story they told their family.   

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Movie "Unbroken" familiar flight scene; Ralph H. Hepworth

Saturday afternoon (27 Dec 2014) Earl and I went to the movie “UNBROKEN” a true story of the life of Louis Tamperini an Olympic runner and a hero in World Ward ll.  We enjoyed this story of survival, determination and forgiveness.  Makes a person (again) appreciate the sacrifices made by those men and women who fought for our freedom.

In the beginning of the movie is a scene of a B-24; damaged with its belly ripped apart; the occupants clinging to the sides and 500 miles from their base yet the pilot landed the crippled plane safely.  My thoughts were “mmmmm the details about this crippled plane sound so familiar.”  Earl read the book but, I did not.  After the movie while driving home I reflected about that scene when I remembered posting in 2012 on this blog about a first cousin of my father’s Ralph Huntington Hepworth who was in World War ll.  He was a Lieutenant in the Navy and a Co-Pilot on an American Privateer Search Plane stationed in Okinawa.   

On 2 July 1945 Ralph experienced what I saw in this movie.  The headlines in the Twin Falls Times were:
Albion Pilot’s Mangled Plane Back With Chunks of Ripped-off Jap Mast.

This story was in Newspaper’s all over the world.  If you click on the words Ralph Huntington Hepworth it will take you to the story I posted on Friday 25 May 2012 that describes men holding on for dear life in a crippled plane(the belly of the plane was ripped apart) 500 miles from their base and safely landing.  

If you want to know 'the rest of the story'  click on the words In Honor of Ralph Hepworth. THis happened 24 July 1945; twenty two days later. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Parents were married in December fifteen years apart.

     This December I would like to honor my parents and Earl’s parents by posting about their  marriage, my mom and dad eighty years ago and Earl’s parents ninety five years ago from this December. 
     Both were married in the Temple on a wintery day Fifteen Years and four days apart.
     Earl parents were married in the Salt Lake Temple and took a train from Bancroft, Idaho with two other couples who also married in the Salt Lake Temple.  Their names were of Bill Higginson and Fanny McClellan and Leo Johnson and Millie Grant. Gladys writes that the train was to arrive at ten o’clock in the morning  but it arrived very late, at four in the afternoon.  But, friend and relatives waited with them and just as they were to board the train a shower of rice hit them full in the face.  Gladys doesn't give any more details of her wedding day.

     My parents drove with my Grandmother Tomlinson and Dad’s younger sister Louise.   I wrote about their marriage in a 2010 post.  If you would like to read about it go to this site. Married on the shortest day of the year.

     Earl and I love our parents.  They gave us many wonderful memories and taught us values to follow throughout our lives. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Is it really TRUE? A first cousin 12 x times removed is William Brewster who was on the MAYFLOWER 1620?

Mayflower 1620  William Brewster
I have come upon another surprise and again the thought of "Is it really so?" has come to my mind.  
The first surprise was this summer when my DNA report was posted on for me to read and it said my enthnicity was 22% Irish.  I was sure they gave me the wrong results. Looking in my mother's maternal line I discovered the Irish line. Whoa....  They were from Cork Ireland and someone even posted stories about them.  The DNA was true. 

This second surprise is very timely.  And again it's from my mother's maternal line. My Grandmother is Edna Clare PHIPPEN.
This is the link to a site called Relative Finder.  Relative Finder If you have a tree on you can sign in on your LDS Account and follow the instructions. -  your tree will be download.  Then the fun begins.  You will see many categories you can choose from and I choose this one.  

  •  Mayflower          
  •  It came up that William Brewster is my first cousin 12 x                                         removed and it gives you a 'map' (so to speak) starting at the bottom of the page is my name and you read up to see how we are connected.   I went to my tree in to double check.  I followed (starting with me)  the pedigree line and sure enough it got me to William Brewster.  There were even sources on each pedigree (family) as I got closer to the Brewster line,  however the data on William Brewster (person detail) is a mess.  Those of you that use know what I am talking about and those who are not familar with it  - Sorry I don't know where to begin to explain. 
  •  Oh, and BTW you don't have to be a member of the LDS church to sign up to use  

  • This is how the connection reads:

  • Elder William Brewster    1560-1643
    Patience Brewster      1590-1634
    Mary Prence    1629 - 1711
    Joseph Freeman    1645-1733
    John Freeman    1680 -1725
    Dorothy Freeman    1790-
    Tamer Williams    1743-
    Ester Smith    1768 -1845
    Ada Stewart    1798 - 1870
    Joseph Freeman Phippen    1822 - 1912
    Edna Clare Phippen     1878 -1949
    Verona Shirley Perrins     1914 – 2006
    Renee Tomlinson (me)    1942 -

"The words 'once removed' mean that there is a difference of one generation"  So William Brewster is twelve generations from me and my two brothers and all our cousins on the PHIPPEN line. 

If you want to know more about William Brewster GOOGLE his name and you will find lots of wonderful information on him. He was a good guy.  
This is what I found on that someone had posted. 

A Short Biography and Record of Mayflower Trip

William Brewster was born about 1566, the son of William Brewster. He was educated in both Greek and Latin and spent some time at Cambridge University, although he never completed a full degree. He went into the service of William Davison, then Secretary of State, while his father back home maintained a position as the postmaster of Scrooby, Nottinghamshire. Under Davison, Brewster first traveled to the Netherlands. After Davison was removed as Secretary of State by Queen Elizabeth, Brewster worked himself into his father's postmaster duties and maintained Scrooby Manor. Brewster was instrumental in establishing a Separatist church with Richard Clyfton, and they often held their meetings in the Manor house. Brewster and the others were eventually found and forced out, and fleeing prosecution and persecution they headed to Amsterdam in 1608, and moved to Leiden, Holland in 1609. Brewster became the church's Elder, responsible for seeing that the congregation's members carried themselves properly, both helping and admonishing them when necessary. In Leiden, Brewster working with Thomas Brewer, Edward Winslow, and others, began working a printing press and publishing religious books and pamphlets that were then illegally conveyed into England. Brewster also employed himself teaching University of Leiden students English. By 1618, the English authorities were onto him and his printing press, and had the Dutch authorities in pursuit of him. Thomas Brewer was arrested and held in the University of Leiden's prison, but Brewster managed to evade the authorities and went into hiding for a couple years. When the Leiden church congregation decided to send the first wave of settlers to establish a colony that everyone could eventually move to, their pastor John Robinson decided to remain behind in Leiden with the majority of the congregation, intending to come later. The smaller group that went on the Mayflower desired the next highest ranking church official, Elder Brewster, to go with them; so he agreed. He brought his wife Mary and two youngest children, Love and Wrestling, on the Mayflower with him. Brewster continued his work as Church Elder throughout his life at Plymouth Colony. His wife Mary died in 1627, and he never remarried. He lived to be nearly 80 years old, dying in 1644. His estate inventory lists the titles of several hundred books that he owned. Shortly after he died, William Bradford wrote a short but concise biography of Brewster in his history Of Plymouth Plantation, though he erroneously filed it under 1643 instead of 1644.

 "Is it really so?"  I don't know. The jury is still out on this one for me.  Then I'm wondering; maybe their is a cousin of mine that has known this all along!  If so, please let me know.  On the surface it looks good but, this is one Ancestral line I would need to fully study family by family to be convinced all is correct.   And right now I don't have the time to scrutinize each family.
What I want to do is to WISH YOU ALL