Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gold and Green Ball; have you heard of it?

     If you know all about planning and attending a Gold and Green Ball where a Queen was crowned then I know about what age you are. Well maybe.
I remember my parents being involved in the planning and decorating and dancing in many of these events while living in the Jerome LDS 2nd Ward in the Blaine Stake.  
     On March 22, 1946 just five weeks shy of my fourth birthday I was a 'flower girl' attendant to the Queen as well as four other little girls.  Also, little Richard Gibbons, he was the Crown bearer. I thought he was so cute with the biggest ears. His parents and mine were friends and on occasion we were playmates.
     I still have the dress that was made for me as you see in the picture and the picture of me wearing the dress. I am not happy.  I remember my mother coaxing (begging me) to smile for this picture.  She just didn't realize how scratchy the material was on my body even though it had a matching slip underneath.  Where you see the little rosettes on the neck and the waist with ribbons hanging down, in the center of the rosettes were little buttons that looked like little beady eyes and they were scaring me. Also, it was too tight under my arms and no matter how many times my mother said to me "you will only be wearing the dress for one evening so get used to it and don't complain."  Well, I didn't complain I just would not show joy on my face even though it was a big fancy event.
"Evaun Anderson ....who was crowned Queen of the L.D.S. Second Ward Green and Gold Ball here Friday evening"
     This is the newspaper article about the Gold and Green Ball and still I am scowling.

      Gold and Green Balls today are not like what you see in this picture.  Lots of planning and decorating and dance practices. It was a formal attire.  The event was put on by the Mutual Improvement Association whose colors were Gold and Green which is where the name evolved from. Green stood for youth and growth; gold stood for purity and perfection.  (This may be true today.)
My mother worked in the MIA program of the LDS Church for years and was involved in this event on both the Ward level and the Stake level.  Not only was there a Ward event but, a Stake Gold and Green Ball event followed soon after each Ward event was held.  This year of 1946 the G&G Ball was held at the local Moose Hall.

     At 10:PM the floor show would begin.  I do remember all the dancing.  Adult couples would dance; maybe the tango or waltz etc.  Then the 'All Girl' dance to the theme of that year.  All dances were prepared weeks before the event which meant 'dance practices' for both adults and youth through the winter months.
      And, always a live orchestra.

     How to choose a Queen was done by whatever method a ward, branch, or stake chose.  Sometimes it was by popular choice and voting, some were chosen because they sold the most subscriptions to the Improvement Era, or maybe they had the best record of meeting attendance or very simply drew their name out of a hat.  I do not know when this practice of crowning a Queen ended.  If you want to know more about Gold and Green Balls; Google it there's lots of info about it.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fifty Years ago today two blessing came to live with us.

Lori is on the left of three pictures; Cari on the right.  Picture of them sleeping
in their carseats after grocery shopping, I think Lori is also on the left but,
I am guessing. First picture Lori and Cari were 6 months old; then about 15 months old.
In front of their playhouse that Earl built; about 4 years old; next twelve years old.

     The day is not gone yet to post in celebration of the birth of our
 twins Cari and Lori.
It’s been difficult going through so many wonderful pictures of our twins knowing that one did not make it to 50 years old.  Our beloved Cari was taken away at age 42.  She accomplished so much in her short life and one day I will post about it.
I just came across one of Cari’s favorite scriptures 
that makes it possible to finally post this
Celebration of Life on my blog. 
“He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears
from off the faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take

away from off all the earth: for the Lord hath spoken it.”


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Vern's book "The Life of Christ for Little Children."

This is my latest find that was right under my nose all these years.

Last week I picked up this little book that was on top of several ‘old’ books I have displayed in the Ancestral Room aka Guest Room. 
Inside the cover written in pencil is the script; 
Vern W. Tomlinson
Xmas 1916
From “Nana” Hepworth

On Christmas Day 100 years ago today 
my father was four years old and this was one of his gifts.  It was Given to him by his grandmother Sarah Ann Kidgell Hepworth. 
This book was published by the Author William A. Morton in 1916.  Know doubt my great-grandmother knew William and was probably one of the first persons to purchase this book for her beloved grandson.  Dad and his parents were living with his grandparents in Salt Lake City in 1916.  Louise, his younger sister wasn't born until 1918 so I am sure Vern got a lot of undivided love attention and received many presents for Christmas. 

This Christmas Eve my grandson Christopher read from this book the story of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Then bore his testimony how he knows that Jesus is the Son of God and expressed his love for all the teachings of Jesus Christ and how following His teachings blesses us with happiness.   He spoke for all of us who gathered together as family this Christmas Eve 2016.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Do you see a resemblance? Niece Lisa and GreatGrand Capri. So Fun.

It's that time of year again to post a tribute to my mother on her one hundred and second Birthday. This picture was taken in 1977.  The year a granddaughter missed Mom's birthday by two days on December 3rd. Just couldn't wait two more days.  I remember we were all rooting for her to join her grandmother in celebration of a birthday on the same day.
At Thanksgiving time I happened to find these pictures of Lisa in one of the family albums and certainly took a second hard look.  Then I uploaded pictures of my great-grand-daughter from Instagram who just turned two in September.
Okay Folks.  Do you see the resemblance like I do or am I just crazy?
Let me know what you think.

Happy Birthday Mother and 
you too Lisa.
(I think this is a big one.  How did that happen Lisa?)

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Seventeen Years Later A Picture is Found of the Grandfather who Complicated our Family History

This is just one thing that can happen when you take a DNA test.  I ordered a test from several years ago.  The results are posted on and just this year a match appeared with Brenda from Utah. This person is on my father's paternal side. (Very rare connection)  I was so excited about contacting her and she was thrilled when she got my message of our connection.  To make a long story short this was the out come.  She was able to find a picture of my second Great Grandfather Edward Aaron WHERRETT Jr..  I have been looking for a picture of him since the year 1999; the year when I finally unraveled the surname conundrum.  
This second Great Grandfather married Mary Ellen Burns who is Brenda's Great Aunt so we are second cousins once removed. 
I'm only going to give a brief explanation of Edward Aaron Jr. at this writing and will be doing many posts on the  'soap opera' life of the WHERRETT'S at other times. 

At age seventeen Edward Arron WHERRETT Jr. migrated with his mother Matilda GAY WHERRETT from Bath, England to America in 1864 on the ship Hudson and crossed the plains with the William Hyde Co and arrive in the Salt Lake Territory in the fall of 1864.  In 1866 his mother, Matilda married George TOMLINSON.  (More to this story later)
On 18 December 1871 Edward Aaron WHERRETT Jr. married Mary Ellen BURNS in the Salt Lake City Endowment House UNDER the NAME of TOMLINSON his step-father's name. 
So Mary Ellen BURNS became Mary Ellen TOMLINSON. 

My father did not know this.  Even though his middle name is WHERRETT  (Vern WHERRETT TOMLINSON) he thought WHERRETT was a grandmother's maiden name when the truth is WHERRETT was her first married name our biological name.  Matilda (mother of Edward Aaron Jr.) maiden name is GAY.   I plan on taking this life history slow so my family can keep it all straight.  (Our grandfathers name is George WHERRETT TOMLINSON.)

I would like to encourage everyone to take a DNA test.  Last Christmas I gave my daughter and her children and their spouses DNA kits for Christmas.  It's so fun to see the results. 
Here is a link that's a simple explanation of three types of dna tests a person can take.