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Friday, September 7, 2018

   just gets better and better.    In February  a new tool was added   titled "Calendar of Ancestral Moments."   This new tool  lets me see what important event happened in my family history on a particular calendar date.       I am loving this feature.    I am notified through  'Facebook Messenger'  on a day that  I have  an  ancestor  that is  born or married.    In    August  seven  events occurred   that I was notified of   reminding me of  a loved ancestor or  ancestor's to keep him/her in my mind that day.  A small way to keep connected and remembered.  
     To get  started, visit  Log into your FamilySearch Account and your ancestor calendar should appear.   Give it a try-Here is the link;
For more  information   I click 'View Relationship' and I can see my direct  line  from me to my ancestor.  When I click the name I see a summary of  the ancestors vital information.  
Below is information  about one of my very favorite great-great grandfather.  

Charles Kidgell Jr. 
b21 August 1833
 Charles's parents were Charles Sr. and Caroline Loftus.  His mother died in 1845 when Charles was twelve years old.  He was their first child and only boy.  Five sisters followed Charles the youngest Helen, was one year old at his mother's    passing, she died the next year in 1846.
     Charles joined the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints on the 22nd of April  1850.  He first heard the gospel preached by Mormon Elders on the street and became intensely interested.   After a thorough investigation he joined and it was at this time he met and courted Sarah Ann Cashmore.  

     It's been many months since I have posted on my Genealogy Blog  and that makes me sad. 
I have great hopes I can get going again in doing Family History asap; something I enjoy doing.  What a person enjoys most should be put higher on the priority list.  Right?

     I appreciate everyone and anyone who drops by to read this blog. 



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