Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The last days of H. Vogel

The larger Ad appeared in the Utah Journal 2 Jun 1886 which is the clue of when Herman and Sarah Ann moved to Logan.  It seems Herman did some remolding as the smaller Ad reads: 
Utah Journal 11 April  1886
 "THE LOGAN CITY Brewery has reopened at the usual style.  We shall be pleased to see all our old and new customer.  H. VOGEL. "  
I have been trying my best to blog the life of Charles and Sarah Ann Kidgell chronologically but, I feel it is time to post the demise of Herman which takes place in 1898, exactly one hundred and thirteen years ago this month. (30 March to 4 April)  Then I will go back and fill in the gaps.
Sarah Ann chose to marry a man who is totally opposite from her beloved Charles.  Remember how Charles would tell Sarah Ann over and over 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and these things shall be added unto you."   I was reading about Emma Smith; about her choices after her beloved Joseph was martyred.  She also married again, ironically a German man who was totally opposite her beloved Joseph.   
     From the Kidgell and Cashmore Histories pg 72:  
"Sarah Ann Kidgell Vogel was re-baptized and confirmed on 8 March 1892 in the Logan 1st Ward by William Sanders."   She did recommit herself to her LDS faith.  Her favorite thing to do; Genealogy!
There will be several postings the rest of the week telling of the bazaar death of Herman. 

Sure enough - It is Sarah Ann Cashmore Kidgell

Sarah Ann Cashmore Kidgell
(guessing) 1877

Could this be a High School Graduation picture with 
Mom?  Does Fred look about nineteen years old?  
Maybe and maybe not!  I want to write about Fred
and the year 1890.  Since Fred was born in 
December  he probably was an older graduate of the 
school year. (1890)_  Fred lived in Salt Lake City, with his 
sister Sadie (Sarah Ann) and her husband James
Hepworth until after graduating from High School. 
His mother and step-father Herman had moved 
to Logan in about 1886, Herman being the proprietor
of the Logan City Brewery. 
Fred worked at different jobs during his teen years; 
[From Cashmore and Kidgell Histories] " he helped 
his brother-in-law, James Hepworth, in the Butcher
Shop and at the slaughter yard."  Also, "he spent 
some time working in a blacksmith shop."  In the 
Salt Lake City Directory lists: 
Kidgell, Fred C., driver, T. Hepworth & Sons, bds
[boarder], 757 W. 1st. N. 
[From Cashmore and Kidgell Histories] After High 
School Graduation "Fred wanted to go to school in 
Logan at the Agricultural College, but his mother 
wanted him to work for them in the Brewery and
they said if he wanted to go to school he would 
have to work there [at the Brewery] in the morning 
early and after school, until late at night.  He 
decided it would be a waste of money because he 
would not have time to study, so he just worked." 

     Ten Years ago Lily Jane sent me a copy of this picture with a question mark behind the name Sarah Ann Cashmore Kidgell?  My call was NO it can’t be Great - Great Grandmother Sarah Ann.  I filed it away with the idea at some point in time the mystery picture would be identified.  Below this picture is a picture of Sarah Ann and her son Fred.  Last week  I was looking at it and decided to compare it to the mystery woman picture.  Sure enough – this picture is a younger version of Sarah Ann with an adorable hat and looking so stern. Her eyes are the defining factor in 
comparing the two pictures.  Again, I am guessing the year to be the late 1870’s which would put her age about forty five years or forty eight depending on  what year of her birth; some records say 19 Dec 1829 or 19 Dec 1831.   I was going with year of birth as 1831 until I found a record in MY possession that Sarah Ann herself put DOB at 1829! How did I miss that! It just goes to show that a person needs to examine record information time and time again!  That would put her almost four years older than my beloved GGGrandfather Charles and fifteen years older than her husband Herman Vogel.  But, I digress!



I found this to be interesting in comparing her hands and the ring on her left ring finger which I think is the same ring.  The bottom picture she has added rings.
Oh my!  Where are the rings today?  What a treasure to have!