Friday, June 13, 2014


So much is going on in my life right now that My Blog has been put way down on my priority list.  It makes me sad because I have so much to share about our ancestors and just not the time to do justice to the sharing.  Being the Stake Family History Director: I don't seem to have time to do everything that needs my attention.   

There are many Rules of Genealogy and this is my very favorite that I will share with you. 
It states that I have permission to use these Golden Rules as long as I give them credit and I will gladly do so.
PO Box 10805
Oakland, Ca 94610-0805

# 10 is the one I am most concerned about today.  This summer my goal is to post the stories I have on (LDS site) FamilyTree. Pictures too.  If you are a registered on FamilTree you can see what I have posted there. 

# 12 is so true.  Pictures I have uploaded on the Tree in; a person has downloaded them then uploaded them in her tree as her pictures.  WHY?  But, just as it says I need to just "Get over it."

 Which ones are your favorite?
(you might have to increase size to read comfortably) 


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Nancy said...

Thanks for posting this, Renée. I really like it. Favorite? Not sure - it seems like they're all good.