Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fred, Lily Jane, Stella and Fred Charles.

Lily Jane, Fred Charles, Stella Lily, Fred Kidgell
           Look at the ruffles on Lily Jane's dress.  In Lily Jane's life history written by her daughter Melba she took a class in 'Dress Making' starting at the age of fourteen.  I'm sure she made her dress and the outfits the children are wearing.  More about Lily sewing abilities later. 
          Just short of one year after marriage (1894) their first child was born, Stella Lily, 21 Oct 1895.  Then Fred Charles was born 28 Jun 1897.  He looks about two maybe three months old in the picture so I’m sure it’s safe to say this picture was taken in the summer of 1897.  Lily Jane would be twenty two years old and Fred is twenty six.
          In 1897 father Fred is still working for his step-father Herman Volgel at the Logan Brewery. Herman's demise.  He is active the LDS Church and after his step-father dies on 4 April in 1898 Fred is the  proprietor of the Logan City Brewery.  
The following are just a few of the advisements found in the Logan Journal Newspaper     

Logan Newspaper:  7 March 1899
F. C. Kidgell, Mgr.
Manufacturer of and dealer in Keg and Bottled Beer.
Bottled Beer for Family Trade a Specialty.
Logan, Utah

3 April 1900 Logan Newspaper
          After being closed down for several months, the Logan City Brewery has again been opened.  Proprietor Kidgell has thoroughly renovated and filled it up and is now prepared to furnish the public with popular beverage.
   In May of 1898 just after the demise of Herman his step-father, Fred moved his family into a new house he had built on 352 East First South St. in Logan.   When their third child was born, Ariel James, on 16 April 1902 Fred was now working for the Amalgamated Sugar Company.
This is a record of Fred's employment the rest of his life----
  • Managed stores for Singer Sewing Machine Company---first in Montpelier, Idaho; then Pocatello, Idaho and lastly in Logan, Utah  August 1904 --October 1909
  • Run the press of Amalgamated Sugar Co.   November 1909--February 1910.
  • Was the Logan City Water Master   April 1910--January 1912
  • Bill collector for Mt. States Telephone Co.  January 1912--February 1916
  • Salesman for W.F. Jensen Candy Co.  March 1916--November 1930
  • Worked odd jobs which he could find available.               
           Fred and Lily Jane were well known throughout the Logan Valley.  So, I have lots to blog about. 
      Last week I made a connection with Lily Jane's sister, Margaret Bullock Hansen's Great Great grandchild Susan.  We have been exchanging pictures and stories; the joys of doing 'Family Search'!