Monday, January 10, 2011

Salt Lake Telegram 21 July 1902 A TRAGIC STORY

     Isn't it awful how 'living' gets in the way of your life?   I said I would be 'blogging' about the KIDGELL family but, just haven't gotten their story together because of the everyday 'things' in my life that get in the way!
So I thought I'd post this article I found some months ago while doing newspaper research. 
      BTW, newspaper search is hard, tedious and time consuming but, OH!! the results are so worth it! 
      I have been researching the John HEPWORTH family for a whole year (Started in the first week of January 2010)  when I came across this title "JUMPED TO HER DEATH" and of course had to read it.  I was very surprised when half way through the story I discovered that this tragic accident happened in front of the John HEPWORTH house and Elvira was even carried into HEPWORTH house, as you will read. 

Let me explain, below I have transcribed the article into three pages of two columns for each page.  The font size is small so, for those who have a hard time reading it you will need to increase your screen size.  Hopefully, you know how to do that. 

This tragic event happened 109 years ago in July. Even so long ago my heart just ached for the family as I read the story. And can you just imagine the feelings of the Hepworth family to  experience such a tragedy first hand.  Something you just don't get over. I know the Hepworth's did everything they could to comfort the grieving McEvoy family. The John HEPWORTH family was not without their own family tragedy's (which I will blog about in the future)

The John HEPWORTH family are our 'double cousins'. John is the brother of our gggrandfather Thomas HEPWORTH. John's wife Frances Amelia FLETCHER is a sister to our gggrandmother Mary FLETCHER married to Thomas.
Date: 21 July 1902

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