Thursday, August 8, 2013

Peter Olsen and Sarah Julia Hepworth

     What a cute match.  Peter Olsen is twenty three and Sarah Julia is twenty one.  They were married on 23 December 1872 in the St. Marks Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City.
    Sarah Julia was born to Thomas Hepworth and Mary Fletcher in Liverpool, England on 6 March 1851.  She was one year old when she sailed the ocean and crossed the plains; arriving in The Salt Lake Territory in 1852.
   Peter was born on 26 December 1848 in Copenhagen Denmark.  His parents are Soren Christian Olsen and Maren Mortensen.
   I don't have much information on this family.  They had two girls Mary and Katie.
Peter died at the young age of fify nine in Los Angeles California on 29 April 1908 and is buried in Salt Lake City.   Sarah Julia died in Salt Lake City on 1 April 1924.


Friday, August 2, 2013

My Dad was born 100 Years Ago Today.

Vern Wherrett Tomlinson
2 August 1913
    Dad was a swimmer and that's just one sport among many that he excelled in.  He learned to swim in the ocean.  Several summers when Dad was very young his mother and grandmother would rent a 'cottage' right on the California beach where Dad and his sister Louise spent the summer in their bathing suits only putting on Sunday clothes to attend Church.  
     Dad taught me how to swim, I don't remember when I couldn't swim. One summer when we lived in Jerome, Idaho he managed the City Pool and I spent every waking moment in the water pretending to be Ester Williams. Dad made me feel like I was just as pretty and could swim as good as Ester. I loved being with my dad. 

  This picture of dad was taken when he was washing the family car in front of  the family home in Albion, Idaho.  So typical of Dad; keeping the car clean. 
    I could list many wonderful things about my dad.  Dad wouldn't want me to; a very modest man.      

Miss you Dad; Love you, so Happy you are my Dad.  
   Happy 100th Birthday!