Monday, July 1, 2013

Hepworth Family Picture Group Record

This is what I would refer to as the Thomas Hepworth/Mary Fletcher Family Road Map.  In the last two months I have been trying to find the original copy because this copy is so poor.   I was not successful so  I am going ahead with my plan . Often I refer to this record.  It has been in my father's possession for some time and   I regret that I didn't show more interest when my father was alive.   I would have asked him  what he knew about each one.
     This is an amazing record because there are pictures of all Thomas and Mary's eleven  surviving children and all but two pictures of a spouse.
     I have copies of all the pictures
shown with exception of Emma who married Charles I. Cobb and Jane who married Charles's brother Fremont Cobb. At the present time I am working on getting pictures  from a Cobb descendant.
 Child number eleven, Rose, her husband George Klink is not shown   and I have a picture of him. And of course, child number twelve, Joseph never married.
Hmmm, guess I should work on making my own picture record of this family.  As you can tell this record includes two view's of the Hepworth house.  As it was when it was built and when it was turned into apartments; picture taken in 1977.  Today it is being restored to the original state.
A good thing!  I have decided to change my way of blogging about this family.  I am now going to post stories on an individual and not take one family at a time.  So with this Hepworth road map hopefully you can keep track.  I suggest you print your own copy if you don't already have one.  And, remember the John Hepworth and Frances Amelia Fletcher family?  I will start posting information I have on that family.