Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DNA stated I am 22% Irish. REALLY?

Last week my DNA results came via email from Ancestry. com  and I was sure they were wrong.  It stated I am 22% Irish .
Really?  I put it aside and to give it some thought.
Then I went to my 'Family Tree' and looked into my mother's line. I am not very  familiar with the Phippen /Hudson line .  A lot of work has been done on these lines but by who I don't know and it is not sourced which makes me wonder how correct is the information.  Sure enough she has Irish Ancestors.  Last name is LEMMON and the line goes back to !696 in Cork, Ireland.   I think my mother thought this line was English and had no idea she was part Irish.
  Now looking at this picture;  one pair of legs is part American Indian and Danish and the other - English-Irish-Scandinavian.

More about my DNA in the next post.