Monday, June 6, 2011

Sarah Ann's Parents are WHO?

This is Sarah Ann's Death Certificate and it's a good example of wrong information.  The informant was her daughter, my Great Grandmother, Sarah Ann (Sadie) Hepworth.  Was the person entering the information in training?  Hard of hearing? Or, just having a bad day!  And, was Sadie so befuddled she didn't think to proof read what was put on the certificate so it could be corrected?
Her name is correct; Sarah Ann Kidgell
Her birth date is correct;  19 Dec 1829 and she is widowed.  Notice her last married name of Vogel is not used which I am glad.
Her age should read 83 yrs. 11 Mos. 1 day and not 73 yrs.  Now; name of father:
 Edward POSHWOND  should be CASHMORE.
Mother's name:  Maria TINLENSON for TOMLINSON  This record (digital) can be found on this site;   This record also has been indexed on the familysearch site;  with the same (mis) information which is what the indexer saw but, a very obvious mistake by the indexer was made.
Death date is correct but the Birth date is 19 Dec 1913 which is a month and a day after her death. I wonder how this got by the proof reader after it had been indexed by a most gracious volunteer?
Bottom line:   Death certificates cannot be used as a primary source!