Saturday, April 6, 2013

1907 Salt Lake City; Nana filed suit for $15,00

     Did Nana (Great-Grandmother Sadie Hepworth) receive this $15,000 settlement?  I have not been able to find any more information on this law suit filed by Nana.   Even if she got half that amount, that was a lot of money in 1907.  
     This article was in the Salt Lake Telegram on 14 Nov 1907.  It reads:


      Sadie Hepworth filed suit in the district court this morning asking $15,000 damages from the Utah Light and Railway Company for injuries alleged to have been received August 27.  According to the complaint, she was about to step on a car at Third West and North Temple streets when it was suddenly started and she was knocked down.  Her hip, she declares, was injured and the
 Fall has resulted in curvature of the spine.