Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saltair Resort in the early 1900's.

Saltair on the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake

Everyone seems to be having a great time especially the man on the right with his leg straight up in the air. Isn't there always someone like that in a crowd?  Looking to the left of the leg is a man up to his chest in the water, next is a lady, and next to her is my grandmother Ethel Hepworth Tomlinson with her mother next to her, Sarah Kidgell Hepworth.  What fun!
This picture was made into a post card.  
Saltair is located on the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah about fifteen miles from Salt Lake City.  It was completed in 1893 and was fun wonderful place to take your family. 
  My father writes about Saltair in his life history of how Uncle George Little the step-father of Pauline and Katie Olsen, two of his favorite cousins  "was a Chief Engineer for the Salt Lake City Saltair Railroad  in charge of transporting people and materials to the Saltair Resort.  With this connection, Myself, [Vern] Pauline and Katie got free tickets to Saltair and we would go once a week.  It was like a miniature Disneyland, rides, games, dancing, roller skating,
and swimming in the lake and always a picnic lunch."