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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fred driving the 'Candy' Truck.

     One more post on the Kidgell's and I won't promise this will be the last.  I just couldn't resist posting this picture.
     Fred is at the wheel ready to deliver candy.  The W. F. Jensen Candy business was very poplar through out the state of Utah and adjoining states.  In fact some special makes of candy found there way as far east as New York.
   I don't know if this is the candy truck Fred was driving when he left the road to avoid what could have been a very serious accident.
     F.C. Kidgell 

He worked fifteen years for the candy company when he quit in 1930.
     This is the letter written in his behalf.
November 20th , 1930
To Whom it may concern. 
This is to certify that the bearer, Mr. Fred C. Kidgell has been in our employ for the past 15 years as Salesman.  Owing to recent changes made in our policy of doing business, Mr. Kidgell felt inclined to leave our employ.  We are loud in our praise for his honesty and dependability.  Mr. Kidgell s f excellent character, a good salesman and an efficient collector.  The accounts he was handling for us was always in fine condition.  We regret that is is not possible for him to remain in our service.  He leaves us with our best wishes for his future success.  It is a pleasure to recommend him to any one who may be in need of his service
W.F. Jensen Candy Co. 
By. (Signed) W. F. Jensen    

     Very impressive letter of recommendation. It makes one wonder what the 'changes' were that made Fred decide to leave.   Unfortunately, Fred was unable to find steady work because of his age.  He worked the last nine years of his life doing various jobs, keeping busy around the house helping whoever he could.    My father was a lot like his uncle Fred.  After Dad retired he worked at various jobs, always kept busy for as long as his body would allow him.