Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two Families -Twenty Four Children - Nineteen Children Live to Adulthood.

     Here are pictures of the Hepworth couples. Take the beard off of  Great Great Grandfather Thomas (top left) and ( I would say) he's was in his late thirties, maybe in his early forties.  This is the only picture I have of Thomas I have more pictures of  Great Great Grandmother Mary when she is older and will post at a later date.

     This picture of John and Frances A. I found in the Salt Lake Newspaper reporting about their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  ( I did a happy dance)  John was seventy eight years old and Frances A. was seventy two when this picture was taken.  I hope to find more pictures of this family to compare with my pictures (I gratefully  have) to see similarities between these double cousins.   
 Mary gave birth to thirteen children and eleven reached adulthood. 
     Frances A. gave birth to eleven children and eight lived to adulthood.  The family group sheet I found for John and Frances in 2010 listed nine children.  In my research of this family I found two more children not listed.  Found were Samuel, the first child and Elizabeth the last child.   Several of the children's names in both families were very similar:  As listed below.

Thomas and Mary's children:                              John and Frances A's children
  • Sarah Julia                                                      Samuel
  • Samuel                                                           John Fletcher
  • Mary Ann                                                      Julia
  • Thomas                                                          Frances Amelia
  • James Fletcher                                                James
  • Emma                                                            Mary A. 
  • Cattharn                                                         Maria
  • Jane Elizabeth                                                Charlotte
  • Frances Amelia                                              Sara
  • Eliza                                                               David
  • Rose                                                              Elizabeth
  • Joseph
  • Alice                                                   
     I wonder if the two families had Thanksgiving's together?   I have found many newspaper articles about these families and no mention of the other family.