Saturday, June 22, 2013

108 Years ago on 23 June 1905 Mary Fletcher died; Ten years and four days after Thomas's death.

Thomas Hepworth d 19 June 1895
               Mary Hepworth    d 23  June 1905            
     Close to my work space is a sign (just above my head) it say's;
Great advice when you actually listen to it.    When I posted about Thomas's death I said I couldn't find a death certificate on the web site of the Utah Archives Search Index.  But, I
 in the personal  binder I have for the Hepworth's - surprise - in my possession all this time was a copy of his death certificate.

I wanted to see what was written on the line;
'cause of death' it states; 'Pneumonia' and the

 'Other contributory cause of importance : Fall down elevator shaft."  
    So it was noted that he fell down the elevator shaft.  But, was the cause really pneumonia or could it have been  internal bleeding somewhere in his body or body shock?  I'm still amazed that   the Lambert Paper Company business wasn't held accountable for this tragic accident.  
     Exactly ten years to the day when Thomas was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery his wife Mary died.  Because of bad health Mary went to live in Los Angeles, California with her daughter Jane Elizabeth 'Jennie' who was married to Fremont Cobb.   Also, living with Jennie and Fremont was another daughter of Mary's  Eliza 'Lide' Hepworth age thirty nine years old. (She does marry at age fifty one; more about her later)  On Mary's death certificate it states she had lived with the Cobb's for a year and five months.  That would mean she left Salt Lake in January 1904. The cause of death was:
 "Fatty degeneration of the heart; complications Brights Diseases' and old age."

     The death notice in the newspaper the Salt Lake Telegram had good information.   The article does get her age wrong by a couple of years; it states she was seventy five when she was seventy three. It says she arrived in the Salt Lake Territory in 1852. (Correct)  It lists her surviving children; seven daughters, Mrs. F. Cobb, Miss Lide Hepworth, Mrs. P. Olsen, Mrs. C. Cobb, Mrs. E. A. Nutt, Mrs. J. G. Klink, Mrs. F. Bletzacher and sons James and Joseph.  It does not mention the adult children who preceded her death;  Mary Ann Hepworth Albertson her third child died in 1892 or her first son (second child who was born on the trek to the Salt Lake Territory) Samuel died in 1898.  I'm guessing her body was shipped by train to Salt Lake City.

     The second notice in the Salt Lake Telegram reads:
"Hour of Funeral Changed.
     The funeral services over the body of Mrs. Mary F. Hepworth, who died in Los Angeles June 23, will be held at ST. Paul's Episcopal church, Fourth South and Main streets. Sunday afternoon, July 2, at 2 o'clock.  The services were originally announced for tomorrow afternoon at the residence, 1018 Third street.  Those who desire to view the body are asked to do so at the residence before 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon.  Burial will be in City cemetery. "

     The third notice is about the same as the second.  The address of 1018 Third Street is the address of Mary's eleventh child Rose who married John George Klink and at the time of her death the Klink's had three children.  In the 1900 US Census the Klink family was living with Mary in the house that was built by Thomas and Mary located on 200 North. I wonder who was living in the house during the time Mary was living in Los Angeles?
In 1906 the Hepworth House was sold to Samuel and Emma Bjorklund immigrants from Sweden.