Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fred Cashmore Kidgell marrys Lily Jane Bullock 1894

Fred Cashmore Kidgell 1894 Logan, Utah
     Amazing! I have more pictures of Great grand-uncle Fred Cashmore Kidgell than any ancestor.  This isn't all the pictures I have of Fred. I have two pictures with his beautiful bride Miss Lily Jane Bullock with their young family and another probably taken just before he died.
     An update on Fred; he was four months old when his father died, Charles Kidgell Jr..  He attended Catholic Boarding School in his early years and was never baptized into the L.D.S. Church.  During his teen age years he lived with his sister Sadie Hepworth (my great grand-mother) and her husband and worked for the Hepworth family butcher shop and slaughter house. He also worked in a blacksmith shop. When he became college age his desire was to attend the Agricultural College in Logan.  This was when his mother Sarah Ann and husband Herman Vogel owned a brewery in Logan.  He decided to not go to school and work at the brewery.   This is when he met Lily Jane Bullock. 
    The picture below of Lily Jane was sent to me by Alice via e-mail attachment;  her husband is a grandson of Fred and Lily Jane.  On the back is written 1894 which I feel it is safe to say the pictures were taken just before they were married.
Lily Jane Bullock age 18; 1894
         Lily Jane was born 5 Dec 1875 in Providence, Cache, Utah, the tenth of twelve children born to James Bullock Jr. born in England and Margaret Bailey born in Scotland.  Her parents migrated to the Utah Territory in 1860.
        Fred asked Lily Jane to go 'steady' with him and she refused. (The following information was taken from the life history of Fred; written by his daughters, Melba K. Gedge and Stella Lily K. Olsen) " Fred was not a member of the L.D.S. Church and he smoked.  Lily Jane told him she wouldn't go steady with any one who wasn't a member of the church, or any one that smoked.  He told her he could quit smoking and she told him not to quit smoking for her, but for himself.  Soon after that Fred quit smoking and was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He had been baptized for quite awhile before Lily Jane knew about it."
     "One Year after he was baptized they were married on the 14 November 1894 in the Salt Lake Temple.  After they were married they had a dinner at the home of Uncle James and Aunt Sadie Hepworth.  (My great-grandparents)  They stayed there for two or three days. "
      "The newly married couple came back to Logan by train.  They went right over to Lily Jane's parent's home in Providence, Utah.  Fred had twenty cents left in his pocket so Lily Jane's mother gave them a loaf of bread and a piece of butter; also a little bacon.  They had rented a little house in Logan before they got married so their little home was ready and waiting for them so they went to it that night."
     "The next day Fred went to town in Logan and charged some groceries and had them sent to the home.  They lived in one-half of the residence at 354 South Main.  He made thirty dollars a month and they paid six dollars rent.  Before they were married Fred had bought a bedroom set, table and chairs, and a kitchen stove.  Lily Jane had made a rag carpet for the front room and Fred bought a piece of linoleum for the stove to stand on in the kitchen."   Before the first year past and just before their first child was born they moved  to first east between second and third south in Logan.

     It was Fred and Lily Jane that Dad and Mother stayed with when they were married in December of 1934 in the Logan Temple.   Dad didn't talk about his family (much) but, I did know that Fred was an uncle who lived in Logan.  And, I have met two grandchildren, Lily Jane of Manti, Utah and Kay, he lives in Salt Lake City.  I like the name Lily Jane and how Lily is spelled with one l.    How about it grandchildren, or anyone related to me, would you consider using the name Lily?!

Life history of Fred Kidgell and Lily Jane continued.