Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day 2013 - In Honor of Lt. Patrick Fred Kidgell, 29, Oak Harbor, Medical Crewman.

Lt. Partick F. Kidgell, 29, Oak Harbor, medical crewman. 
     Patrick Fred Kidgell is a third cousin of mine that I have never met.  I know about Patrick because of a cousin Gary, that found me through this genealogy blog; which I am very grateful.  Gary (his birth date is exactly one month before mine.) is also my third cousin, but he is a first cousin to Patrick; whom I wish to honor this Memorial Day; Patrick Fred Kidgell  gave his life in the line of duty in a Navy rescue helicopter crash in the rugged North Cascade Mountains on
12 September 1980.
Gary sent me information of Patrick's death a couple of years ago. If you click on the Find a Grave link below it will give more details of his death.

May you rest in peace Patrick Fred Kidgell and never be forgotten.
Find a Grave