Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gratitude For Help From The Living.

          Rarely will I blog about the living however, I feel it is important to again say how grateful I am to Lily Jane who lives in Manti, Utah for all information she found on the Kidgell's years ago when it was difficult to do research; hours of eye strain viewing micro-films at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, visiting cemetery's and other time consuming procedures.  Lily Jane has been very generous in sharing all her research with me and others which has 'laid the ground work' for   me to expand on the information about the Kidgell's.  I'm sad to say that  Lily Jane  has Macular Degeneration and to read my blog has been difficult if not impossible.  I was so excited to find and add the 'Listen Now' feature on my blog that Lily Jane can easily use. Now she can hear what I have written and can let me know if I’m ‘keeping the facts straight’.   
     Has it been ten years since Gail who is from Warrington, England, visited the States?  Hard to believe!  It was ten years ago today, 7 April 2001, that Gail, her husband Alan and children visited with Lily Jane.   Gail is a CASHMORE, and our (Lily Jane, Gail and me) common ancestor is a fourth Great Grandfather Isaac Cashmore and Grandmother Sarah Painter who were married in 1781 in England.  Isaac and Sarah were the parents of Edward who is the father of Sarah Ann Cashmore Kidgell.   We are third cousins, of course Gail is younger than Lily Jane and me so she is a third cousin once removed.  Gail has shared with us many copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates on the Cashmore line which I will be posting information on at a later date.   Thank You Gail !

  I decided this is a good time to post this poem of my feeling's about my Ancestors.  

by Sandra L. Creekmore     1 February 2000

Echoes of a distant past
can be heard throughout these pages. 
And each reflect a life that was lived 
not forgotten through the ages. 

It's more than just a name or date
found on a document in a cold and drafty place. 
It's a link of our past - tied to our future
of our lives intertwined - of our history interlaced. 

We cannot live our future
without first looking at our past.  
For written upon the pages of time
are stories of our forefathers that forever will last. 

What lies between the moments of 
our first breath and when we perish.
Treasured memories of a life that is lived 
that should be recorded, shared and cherished. 

Every joy and sorrow, every triumph and loss
each and every day.
Bears witness to a struggle that each of us has 
to find meaning and purpose - to find a better way.

Not for the ancestors passed on long ago
but for all the descendants to come. 
Our life will never be lived in vain
if it lives on in the heart of someone.