Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What does 'Normal' mean as in Albion State Normal?

I will be leaving the area of Albion but, before I do;
Swanger Hall 1896 (Named for 1st college president F. A. Swanger)
 Do you know what the term  'Normal' means in the title Albion State Normal? "How odd" I thought, I knew it was a college that trained High School graduates to become teachers, then my mind had quite an  imagination for the Normal part, who is normal and who is not normal that was to become a teacher!  I've had my share of 'not so normal' teacher's in my life so I was sure they didn't get their training at the Albion State Normal School!

Normal is a French word for model, a rule, a pattern.  The term Normal School is to indicate a teacher training institution or the idea of a 'model school' for practice.   The Albion school grades 1 though 9 were taught by the students under the direction of a certified teacher.   
The history of how the college was built in Albion is a very interesting story as well as it's demise.  Here is a link that gives the history in a nutshell. http://www.albionvalley.com/campus.htm
Grandfather Sam Perrins was one of the 'continual'  promoter's of building the college in Albion.  He is quoted as saying about the town people [they] "put their shoulders to the wheel and went to work."

In 1864 Albion was known as Marsh Valley.    1879 Cassia County was formed, and Marsh Valley became Albion, meaning 'mountain land high and white." 

Grandfather Sam Perrins came to the valley with his parents in 1881 at age 5.

Grandmother Edna Phippen came to the Albion Valley in 1884 at age 6.

Hepworth Meat Market came in about 1892 owned by Joseph Hepworth a great granduncle.  His partner was a brother-in-law Charles Albertson.   Later, sometime in the 1900's, his brother James, our great grandfather, became a partner.

I have many wonderful memories visiting Albion in the summers.  I always stayed with my Grandmother Tomlinson.  Aunt Louise and her children,  cousins Ardyth and Lee (the only cousins on my Dad's side) also lived in the 'Hepworth' house  with Grandmother, and we spent many hours playing on the playground at the 'Normal' school.