Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Baby Dressed In White

Vern W. Tomlinson picture taken ca December 1913 or January 1914.
His own baby ring hangs by a ribbon on the right. Below are his parents.
Poem by President David O. Mckay "A Baby Dressed In White"
     As I have mentioned before I belong to an International Association with the Acronym - DUP aka as Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Below is the link to the ISDUP (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers.) web site.
ISDUP official web site. 
Here you will find lots of information about the Society.
Also, here is a site on YouTube that further explains about the museum that you can tour at no cost.  Take a look you will be surprised what you will find in this wonderful Museum.
   Best Pioneer Museum - Utah

      I want to make this short and to the point of why the picture above.  Each month we have a lesson on different subjects of Utah Pioneers and  April's lesson was one of my favorites this year because It inspired me to put this 'Shadow Box' together.  The lesson was titled "Pioneer Clothing" prepared by Lynnette Pieper Hanson a member of the ISDUP Board.  So, So interesting.  The part about babies clothing and how both girls and boys wore long dresses brought me to attention.  And especially the inclusion of a poem composed by President David O. McKay titled "A Baby Dressed In White ."
David O. McKay was the ninth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1951 until his death in 1970.
          The picture is of my father when he was six months old. What a chunk he was; after all he weight 12 lb. at birth. Also, you can see his baby ring hanging from a ribbon on the right side of Dad's  head. Below his picture are pictures of his parents; George Wherrett Tomlinson and Ethel Hepworth who were married on 3 October 1912 then eleven months later; 2 August 1913 they became a family of three.
     David O. McKay has many wonderful quotes to his name of fame.  You can search on the internet using Google Images or Pinterest and find many quotes but, this gem you will not find.  All the more reason to be a member of DUP to come across this poem that could not be found easily anywhere else.

To be continued.

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