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Hepworth's did have squabbles.

On the top left is pictured the main Hepworth house built by Thomas Hepworth and Mary in 1877 and stood on 5/8 of an acre.   Address was 725 West 100 North.  Today 100 North is 200 North.  Today the main house is being restored and is registered with the National Register of Historic Places.
Pictures of the other houses were built by the Hepworth children as they married and moved out of the main house.  Many are being lived in today. The house pictured in the middle is my Great-grandfather James Hepworth and Sarah Ann's house.  My father lived in this house in his early years.
The information I have on the other house conflict some what on addresses and who lived in which house. However, the house on the bottom left I am told by Samuel's great grandson that this  house is Samuel Hepworth's (d 1898) and Mary Jane Powell's who died in 1900, leaving a son LeRoy age 17 and a married daughter Hettie.  Hettie Irene married Louis M. Peterson in 1897. Their son Samuel LeRoy continued living in this house.  I found it very interesting that in the 1900 US Census he is the head of the household he is eighteen years old and is a Machinist Apprentice and also living in the household is a young girl of nineteen, Rose Davis and is a servant.  I don't know if she is a servant of LeRoy's house or someone else s house.   Apparently the Machinist Apprentice dream didn't go well.  LeRoy was a Butcher.
On December 14, 1904 he married Linnie Sessions in Farmington, Utah.  Linnie comes from a polygamist family of a very prominent pioneer Perrigrine Sessions who was her father.  Linnie's mother is Esther Mabey. Perrigrine colonized Sessions Settlement which is Bountiful, Utah today.  If you want more information on Linnie's family Google the names; Perrigrine Sessions or Esther Mabey, you will be surprised of all the information you can read about the Session family.
LeRoy and Linnie had two children.
Mary Bernice born 16 Sep 1905 and
Samuel LeRoy Hepworth born 18 Feb 1910 both were born in Salt Lake City.
I titled this post about how the Hepworth's did have their squabbles.
This squabble was between my great-grandfather James Hepworth and LeRoy.  LeRoy is a nephew to James.    
I found this article while doing newspaper research on genealogybank.com which I pay a fee for the  subscription.
All Around Town 
22 May 1907
An injunction was secured this morning in the District court by James Hepworth restraining Samuel Leroy Hepworth from digging post holes. The injunction further provides that the defendant shall not build a fence.  James Hepworth declares that the defendant is digging post holes and preparing to build a fence along the center of the right of way used by the plaintiff.  It is alleged that the work was commenced on May 19, 1907.

I can just imagine the yelling and tape measures flying all over trying to prove the property line. Apparently LeRoy wasn't in agreement about the property line and why was he to intent about putting up a fence?  I guess there could be a lot of reasons.  So Great-grandfather had to take drastic measures.  (no pun intended)  Now, I wonder who won?

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