Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Children of James and Sarah Ann Hepworth

Charles Vern -  Ethel (my grandmother) - James Edward Hepworth
     Five children were born to Great-grand-father James Hepworth and Sarah Ann Kidgell.  This is a picture of the first three children; all who grew to adulthood.  On the left is  Charles Vern, he was born 16 July 1885.  If it wasn't for his boy haircut he sure could pass for a beautiful little girl. The baby is my grandmother Ethel Hepworth born 9 May 1887.  I'm guessing she is about nine months old. She is dressed in a very fancy dress.   Next is James Edward; he was born 21 September 1883.
     When Grandmother Ethel was nine years old another child Walter was born 26 May 1896.  He died three days later  29 May 1896 and was buried in the Salt Lake Cemetery 31 May.   A little more than two years later another boy was born  Fred Kidgell Hepworth, named after Sarah's brother. He lived thirty hours born 13 January  died on the 15 January 1898.  All the children were born in Salt Lake City.
I wonder why such a gap between the first three children and the next two children.  
     James Edward was married for a short time to Susie Theresa Tarbet a widower with one child.  That marriage ended in divorce.  He did not have any children; he died at age sixty three.
     Charles Vern married Mabel Ann Duffy. Mabel died at age thirty eight leaving five children the youngest was about five years old.   Charles died at age sixty one.
      Grandmother Ethel married George Tomlinson.  They had two children.  She separated from George in 1928.  Grandmother died at age eighty one. 



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