Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cousin Catcher or Cousin Hunter.

     Another name for a Genealogy Blog is Cousin Catcher. (or Cousin Hunter.)  Hopefully, new found cousins (readers) will contact you with more information but, that is not always the case.  They may read your blog and not make contact with you, very sad.   I am very grateful for fourth cousin Kathy (her second great grand parents are John and Frances Amelia, my second great grand Uncle and Aunt) Just after posting about the 'Jim' Hepworth's cousins Kathy sent me a digital copy  of  a hand written family record via e-mail  on the John and Frances Amelia Family.
John Hepworth Family Record 

      It was hard to read but, not impossible.  What a treasure trove; one more child was born to John and Frances that was not on the family group sheet.  A boy they named Joseph ; born 30 March 1864, he only lived six weeks, died on 15 May 1864.  No details of the cause of death.  It also recorded James year date at 1858 and not 1860 which makes more sense because another sibling Mary Ann was born in May of 1860.  I think when 'Jim' died at age twenty eight the family was so distraught they couldn't think clearly and gave the wrong birth year.
       That makes twelve children for John and Frances, five boys, three died as babies, one died as a young adult (did not marry) and seven girls one died at age two.

     Family of second Great Grand Parents Thomas and Mary Hepworth;  Total thirteen children, four boys, one boy died at age two and nine girls one died in infancy.
      Always surprises in Family History.  Always can find one more piece of the puzzle.    Love it.

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