Monday, December 31, 2012

Hepworth Butcher Shop Pic.

     Butcher, Baker but no Candlestick Maker.  In the England 1841 Census (first censusin England) Samuel Hepworth the 'head' of the household, his occupation is listed as a Butcher.   His son John is eighteen years old, his occupation is a warehouse man, James who is twenty, his occupation is baker and 2nd Great Grand Thomas is fourteen years old and going to school.  
     Ten years later in the 1851 England Census, father Samuel is now the Bread Baker, son James who is married to a Mary Ann and living next door is now a Butcher.  John is now married to Frances Amelia and is a butcher and GGGrandfather Thomas who now is married to Mary, his occupation is also Butcher.  
 Mary is even listed as the Butcher's Wife.  
     Now living in Salt Lake City, Thomas establishes his own butcher shop at 62 West and 1st. South. He names it Thomas Hepworth and Sons.  Thomas died in 1895.
His son's James, Samuel, and Joseph continue with the butcher shop in Salt Lake.

Two sons of James Fletcher Hepworth, James Edward and Charles Vern  join the family business when they become of age.
At this writing I'm not sure of the date but, Joseph opened a butcher shop in Albion, Idaho with his brother-in-law Charles Albertson.   Eventually Great Grant-father James Fletcher Hepworth, his sons James and Charles Vern joined him in running the butcher shop in Albion.


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