Sunday, May 15, 2016

ALICE/ The last of the Hepworths

 This picture of was found on posted from someone identified as 'gigistill'.  I am very grateful that this person is so willing to share pictures by having an  'open tree' on Ancestry opposed to a Private Tree.  However, I have found some information errors.  It was posted as 1937; Alice died in 1935.  I did some research on the car and what I came up with is it's a 1925 Model T Ford.  Am I right?  The driver was identified as Harry their oldest son and the passenger Clifford but, Robert would have been 25 years old.  I think the driver is the second son Clifford Frank, he would be about eighteen and the passenger next to him is the youngest son Robert Malcom who would be about seven years old.  In the back is Frank and Alice. Really a cool picture.  I wonder if the house in the background is their own home? I would guess 'Yes.'  Frank was a Construction Engineer and did very well to provide for his family.

In the Salt Lake Telegram,1935-05-01 Deaths 
Alice Hepworth Bletzacker
Mrs. Alice Hepworth Bletzacker, 63 died at the family home, 1409 Thirteenth East Street.  Tuesday at 8:12 p.m., following a lingering illness. 
She was born April 9, 1872, in Salt Lake City, and. with the exception of a five-year residence in Mexico and another five years in Los Angeles, had resided here all her life.  Her parents were Thomas and Mary Hepworth. 
Besides her husband she is survived by three sons, Harry, Clifford F. and Robert M. Bletzacker, all of Salt Lake City and one grandchild. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. 

This has been a long time in between continued posts and it's not going to get any better with summer coming and a long list of 'TO DO' things to get done at home.  I do appreciate everyone who LOOKS in for the latest news on an Ancestor.  I will do my best to post something at least every two weeks.
I've taken on painting the stucco of our townhouse and believe me  it's something I can't do in a couple of days and I blame my advancing age for that realizing I have to pace myself and it's a SLOW pace.   Also, I'm trying to learn a new digital scrapbooking program another thing that doesn't come easy for me to learn quickly and do a good job.   The first 'book' project is about the life of Earl's parents.  Earl and I will be doing a bit of traveling and I am looking forward to get away for a time or two.   Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

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