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Beautiful Alice Hepworth Marries Frank Bletzacker

 Frank Bletzacker and Alice Hepworth
10 October 1894
Alice Hepworth would have spent most of her life living in the very large beautiful Hepworth House built by her parents in 1877.  She was born in 1872.  She married at age twenty two to Frank Bletzacker on 10 October 1894 in Salt Lake City.  
Frank was five years older than Alice and was born in Ohio to German parents.
I have no idea when Frank came to Salt Lake City or why.  The only information I have is a paper trail I have researched and pictures sent to me years ago from a second cousin who is deceased.   Also, found pictures on from another tree which is a benefit of having a public personal tree on Always grateful to people who share pictures.
As stated on US Census Frank is an Engineer by profession both a civil engineer and mechanical.
They were the parents of four boys.
The first one was named Elmo;born in 1897 in Salt Lake City and sadly died in 1898 at nine months in Albion, Idaho of Cholera Infantum.  My thinking is Frank and Alice were visiting a family member of Alice's who lived in Albion when the baby got sick.  This type of sickness can be brought on by hot weather, (it was August) causing vomiting, profuse watery diarrhea; fever.  Can you imagine the anguish this young married couple went through!
Elmo was buried in Salt Lake City.

Another son, Harry Thomas Bletzacker was born on 28 May 1901 in Salt City.  The next son, Clifford F. was born 20 June 1907 in El Oro, Durango, Mexico as you can see in the picture below.    Apparently Frank's job as a construction Engineer took him to Mexico.
By 1910 the Bletzacker family is back in Salt Lake City.

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Nancy said...

Beautiful is too mild a word for Alice. She is stunning! How sad for them to lose a child at such a young age.


Yes, Nancy the Hepworth family are a handsome family over all.
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