Sunday, March 4, 2012

James Fletcher Hepworth my great grandfather.

     It's time to come back to posting information about my ancestors.  I hope to post on a regular basis from this date on about the Hepworth family.    

 This is my great-grandfather James Fletcher Hepworth.  Written on the back of this picture is his name and words "abt 19 years old."  To me he looks more like a rough and tough sixteen or seventeen year old.
The look on his face is a 'no nonsense' type of young boy don't you think?
    James was born on 7 May 1857 in Salt Lake City; he is the fifth child of thirteen children born to Thomas Hepworth and Mary Fletcher.
     James is named after his maternal grandfather James Fletcher.
James was twenty five when he married my great-grandmother Sarah Ann Kidgell (named after her mother Sarah Ann Cashmore Kidgell) who was eighteen at the time.  She was known as Sadie.  Like James, Sadie was the fifth child of nine children.  They were married on 30 Nov 1882 at the Hepworth house in
Salt Lake City.  
Sadie Kidgell
     This is the
tie in into the Hepworth family.
I am very fortunate to have many treasured pictures of this family that I will be posting the rest of the year. My next post will be on the the parents coming from England to the Salt Lake Territory.


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