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Lily Jane Bullock Kidgell; Widow

     Five days into the new year; it's time to finish up the stories of the Kidgell's and on to the Hepworth line.  Blogging about these Ancestors is so rewarding.  I have learned to love these people, their strengths and their weakness's.  I learn about my self, who I am and why I am.  

 As you see I have many pictures of the lovely Lily Jane Bullock Kidgell.
Before I  report on her last years on earth after her beloved husband died 

Lily Jane b 5 December 1875 - d 22 June 1962
  there is one more story that happened in her youth that I really like.  
This is from Lily's life history written by her daughter, Melba K. Gedge.  
 When Lily was in the third grade she had a "teacher who would continually ask each student what food they had in their lunch pail.  This was in a time when the majority of the students came from homes where the pioneer families were struggling to just exist.  The students would have to tell about having one of the following: bread, a cold potato, sauerkraut, a carrot or some other food.  What it amounted to was total embarrassment for the less affluent students. Lily Jane felt empathy for her fellow-class-mates who had to admit they didn't have much of anything in their lunch pail.  After several days of this questioning she decided it was time to put an end to the interrogations.  When it came her turn to tell what she had in her pail she proudly announced, 'My main dish is roasted monkey stuffed with straw and for dessert I have lemon pie topped with lamb's wool meringue.'  An audible gasp was heard after she gave her spirited reply.  A stare-down resulted between Lily Jane and the mettlesome teacher.  She always proudly admitted that that was the last time the teacher asked the students what they had in their lunch pails. 

Lily Jane was a widow for twenty three years. 
 Fred died in 1939 and "she took care of herself until 25th May 1959 when a great misfortune in her live occurred.  She went blind very suddenly.  Lily Jane had Macular Degeneration.  The things she had enjoyed doing to fill those lonesome hours had been taken away from her.  She missed the beauties of nature, the flowers, trees, and shrubs which she had raised and loved so much.  Se missed being able to make beautiful things such as pillows, rugs, quilts and afghans.  She used to often say, 'Oh! If I could only see, I could do so many things.'"
"After being blind she spent much of her time rehearsing the long story poems she had learned as a girl.  There were many people made happy hearing her say them over again."
"The last three years of her life was spent in the homes of her two daughters, Lily and Melba.  It used to make her feel bad thinking of the burden she was to every body.  She was happy because she could feed her self and take her turn when asked to return thanks on the food.  This is something her children, grand-children and great-grand-children will always remember.  When she attended church she would join in the songs she knew."

22 June 1962  Deseret News
Riverton -- Lily Jane Kidgell, 86, Riverton, died Friday at 5:40 a.m. in a Salt Lake rest home of causes incident to age. 
Born Dec. 5, 1875 at Providence, Cache County, a daughter of James and Margaret Bailey Bullock.  Married Fred C. Kidgell, Nov 14, 1894, in the Salt Lake Temple Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Life long activities in the Relief Society and Primary.  .......................
Burial; Providence Cemetery. [Logan, Utah]

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