Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year from the PETERSEN family.

     It's been a long time since we have had a 'baby' at the Petersen Family gathering on Christmas Eve. What a blessing to have our first Great-grandchild; he was born in February so that makes him ten months old, born to our oldest Granddaughter Cassidy and Grandson-in-law Nick.  
      He does the army crawl and walks when he feels like it.  I just could not resist posting about the new Twig on the Branch of our Family Tree.
     The captions were written by his Grandmother.

Before opening presents.......

New Sled.

Strapped into new Sled - Thanks Ggrandpa and Ggrandma Petersen.

Still new Sled.

"Pooh Bear...out of my new sled."

"Why is my sled not moving?"

"I want my sled to go!"

"Please, for the love of Pete make this sled go"

"Thanks Dad, carpet is as good as snow for now."

"All this excitement is making me tired but, I love this small piece of paper."
"Dad, I will be able to palm that ball in about three days..just you watch me."

"That's IT!"

"After opening presents NOT so fun anymore."

"Grandmother Nicole says even when I scream I am cute."

"Where's my sled?!"

A couple of days later........"This is more like it!"


The Petersen Family has so much to be grateful for.....
 And We Wish Everyone!

Thank You for stopping by.......


Nancy said...

Oh, Renée, what a fun, fun, fun post! I agree with his grandmother, your little g-grandson is adorable. When he's 15, I wonder what he'll think about the world seeing these photographs! Thanks so much for sharing them. Happy New Year to you and your family, too.


Thank You Nancy for your comments.
I don't always comment on your posts but, I enjoy every one of them!

Lisa said...

What a cute, cute baby! I bet you are soooo proud!