Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sarah Ann daughter of Sarah Ann goes by Sadie

Sadie Kidgell - b 1 March 1864

In a perfect world; on the back of every ancestral picture would have the name and a date of when the
 picture was taken.
This is my Great-Grandmother Sarah Ann named after her mother Sarah Ann Cashmore Kidgell.  She was given the nickname Sadie, so whenever I write about a young Sarah Ann she will be Sadie.   I knew her as Nana.

At first glance at this lovely picture I thought Sadie was about sixteen years old.  But, after ‘cropping out’ her face and enlarging it I can see she is much younger, maybe fourteen or even twelve.  What do you think?
In 1880 Sadie would be sixteen years old and I have not been able to locate where she is living because she is not listed in the 1880 Utah census as living with her mother and step-father Herman Vogel, nor is she living  with  her sister Ellen Maria Bithell or her Aunt Caroline Higson.   In the Kidgell and Cashmore Histories  it states Sadie attended St. Marks High School; was she a boarder at the school and didn’t get counted in the census?  And, I am wondering how  Sadie felt about  her mother’s next marriage to Herman Vogel  who was ten years younger than her mother and that he worked  at the Brewery in Sugar House?   
 Sadie is a beautiful girl with beautiful eyes!

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