Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Uncle Fred Cashmore Kidgell & Friends

Hammond Hall - Catholic Boarding School
Salt Lake City, Utah
Taken from the Kidgell and Cashmore Histories about, Uncle Fred, “When he was about eight years old his mother married again and entered him in a Catholic Boarding School called ‘Hammond Hall’, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
So, in 1880 Fred is in a boarding school and Sadie is living somewhere other than with her mother.  Where or where shall I look for Sadie?   I know where she is by the thirtieth of  November 1882 because,
 she marries James Hepworth. 

Friend Albert and Fred Cashmore Kidgell
Fred and Dick Bithell

After Sadie's marriage in 1882 Great Uncle Fred lived with her and James and worked in the 'Hepworth & Sons' butcher shop and slaughter yard.   Evidence of this is from the top picture with friend Albert.  Notice the white tee shirts with buttons part way down the front and a skull cap on Albert.  Fred's hat does have a small bill.             Both have 
                  knee high boots. Then there is the
knife sharpening hone,held in Albert's hand and knife in the other hand. Fred has his hone on a clip with several knives in a holster on his right hip.  I love Fred's serious 'I know what I'm doing'face while Albert's face is more 'I'm not so sure how this done?'

Again, my guess of Fred's age is a big question. He may be the same age in both pictures.  The other boy in the bottom picture is 'Dick Bithell.'
Fred's older sister Ellen Maria married a Bithell but, I don't know how 'Dick' fits into the Bithell line.  
I might mention here that activity in the LDS church had gone by the wayside[at this time] for Fred and                                    his mother Sarah Ann.  
Fred was not baptized when he turned eight years old like Sadie when she turned eight.   He did join the LDS church as an adult which I will write about at a later date. 

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