Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sarah Ann's Parents arrive from England

    This is Sarah Ann's parents
 Edward Cashmore and Maria Tomlinson.  This picture was taken in Salt Lake City sometime between 1869 and 1875.    
They would be sixty eight and sixty four years old in 1869.
They came with 365 other Saints on the ship Colorado and arrived in New York City thirteen days later; a trip that took Sarah Ann and Charles thirty four days - fourteen years earlier.  On the ninth of May 1869 the transcontinental Railroad would connect the East to the West so from New York Edward and Maria would take the train (aka Iron Horse) to Ogden, Utah arriving 20 August.  They lived in the house next door to Sarah Ann that the Kidgell's had built for them.  
I can imagine the joy of the reunion after so long a separation. 
Edward and Maria would see their four grand-children for the first time sadly, one grandson Albert Thomas died just a month before their arrival.  However, Sarah Ann is six month's pregnant with her eighth child, George Daniel who  dies at ten months. 
On  3 October 1869 Edward and Maria were baptized into the LDS Church.   On 5 January 1874 they would take out their endowments and be sealed for Eternity. This would take place in the Endowment House since the Salt Lake Temple is not finished until 1893.  
They would return to England sometime between 1874 and 1880.  They became homesick for their mother land and three children and many grand-children they left behind.  In my possession I have two letters written by Edward one dated 1864, one dated 1888.
I will post them at a later date.     

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