Thursday, February 17, 2011

1859 - Charles Sr. - Caroline Kidgell and John Higson arrive in Zion

     It would be four years later when Charles Sr. Kidgell and his daughter Caroline her husband John Higson would join Charles and Sarah Ann in Salt Lake City.   Caroline would have her first child born on the ship William Tapscott while in port at Liverpool, England just days before it set sail for New York City.  Which is more of a challenge, being pregnant for the first time the whole journey or having a newborn to fret over?  
Father Charles joined the LDS Church in England in 1852.  Caroline and John joined in 1854 at age eighteen but, were married at age twenty two in 1858. 
This family would be in the Robert F. Neslen Company leaving Florence, Nebraska (now Omaha) on 23-26 June 1859 and arrive in Salt Lake 15 September 1859.  Can you imagine the happiness of having family with so much to talk about, catching up on the news from home and comparing their voyages's across the Atlantic Ocean and trek across the plains?!    
 Father Charles lived with Charles Jr.'s family until he marries again about 1864.  He is a jeweler by trade and opens a store on Main St. in Salt Lake City.   In the late 1860's he will join the Reorganized LDS Church and by 1870 is a resident of Pleasant View, Cherokee, Kansas where he dies in 1875.  He is buried in Kansas.  
John Higson is pictured in the book of Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah.  He and Caroline live just a couple of doors down from Charles and Sarah Ann. 
John's occupation is minor.  I don't have much information on this family, yet.  They had seven children all lived to adulthood.  

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